CONFIRMED: Stove’s Melt 360’s


So this is how the story goes. Engadget reader TY said during his Halo 3 LAN Party he ran out of room because there were systems everywhere. He didn’t know where to put the system, so he put it on top of his stove. Somehow things went awry and now there’s a freakin hole in his Xbox 360.

As reader Ty claims, apparently the above Xbox 360 melting occurred when he and his pals, setting up to conduct a furious Halo 3 LAN match, ran out of space enough for an Xbox everywhere in the house except on the kitchen stove. Someone turns the range on and presto change-o: grilled Xbox. Ok, the story doesn’t quite add up, but there’s no denying the box is melted. And that leaves us preoccupied with wrapping our heads deciding what’s more mind-blowingly ironic: that the melted console’s owner cared enough about heat that he kitted his Xbox with a 3rd party cooling device, or that despite it all, this particular ring of death apparently didn’t even brick the thing.


Good boys and girls don’t leave their Xbox 360s on the stove [Engadget]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

One Response

  1. I love how the Intercooler is on the 360. Chances are that will cause a few scorch marks itself.

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