Halo 3: Where is my Hayabusa armor!?


The skull is located on then Covenant level at the very end. I would love to be specific but i dont want to spoil anything for the few people who haven’t played through campaign yet. Then you jump through rings in this order:

 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

Each ring is a note which plays out the Halo song. After you do that you head back to the energy bridge and there the skull will be waiting for you.

The sucky thing is, last night I did some hard thinking at pretty much figured out the sequence was going to be the halo song, just couldn’t figure out which ring was which note… I also spent 2 hours looking through the map and really didn’t want to play another 30 minutes of the same stage to try out a theory. I come back from work to find out i was pretty much right. UUGGHH! Oh well. I’m not sure who originally found it, but major props man!

Anyways, go out there and get it!

I have made a GUIDE on how to get the all skulls, the terminals and the armors.

Most people are asking the same questions “How do you unlock the armors in multiplayer?” Luckily, I found a list of how to unlock them from the Gamefaqs message boards. Also a picture to go with it. One problem though, the list doesn’t mention anything about how to unlock the Hayabusa (Samurai) armor. I’ve seen it in the game last week and didn’t pay much attention to it, but now it seems to be a mystery to everyone. So, if anyone out there knows to get the Ninja Gaiden armor, enlighten us. PLEASE!

Body Pieces
EVA……………..Complete Tsavo Highway on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary
EOD……………..Complete Tsavo Highway on Legendary
Scout……………Unlock “Too Close to the Sun” Achievement (Destroy an enemy banshee with the Sp’laser or missile pod in a ranked playlist or campaign)


Flight……………Complete Tsavo Highway on Heroic or Legendary
Ascetic…………Unlock “Up Close and Personal” Achievement (Kill 5 enemies via melee or assassination in a ranked FFA playlist)
Commando….Unlock “Triple Kill” Achievement (Get one triple kill)

Shoulder Pieces

EVA……………..Complete The Ark on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary
EOD…………….Complete The Ark on Legendary
Security……….Earn 750 Gamerscore Points
Scout……………Unlock “We’re in for some Chop” Achievement (Destroy an enemy vehicle with a piece of equipment in a ranked playlist or campaign)


Flight……………Complete The Ark on Heroic or Legendary
Ascetic…………Unlock “Overkill” Achievement (Get one overkill)
Commando….Unlock “Killing Frenzy” Achievement (Get one killing frenzy)

Head Pieces
EVA……………..Complete Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary
EOD……………..Complete Campaign on Legendary
Security………..Earn 1,000 Gamerscore Points
Scout…………….Unlock “Used Car Salesman” Achievement (Destroy an enemy vehicle containing 3 enemies in Campaign or ranked playlists)
Mark V………….Unlock “UNSC Spartan” Achievement (Reach Sergeant ranking online)
ODST……………Unlock “Spartan Graduate” Achievement (Earn 5 EXP or complete 10 ranked matches)
Rogue………….Unlock “Spartan Officer” Achievement (Advance to the Spartan Officer ranks online)


Flight……………Complete Campaign on Heroic or Legendary
Ascetic………….Unlock “Steppin’ Razor” Achievement (Get one triple kill with an energy sword in ranked FFA)
Commando….Unlock “Overkill” Achievement (Get one overkill)

EDIT: Well its been confirmed. The hayabusa Armor is unlocked from the skulls. I believe its from the amount of skulls you find, not by which one. I currently have 12/13 skulls and the last skull name I Would Have Been Your Daddy is apparently the toughest to find. Bungie even mentions that “IWHBYD is hidden in ways you cannot yet even imagine. It’ll be a while, unless someone at Bungie leaks it. Good hunting, gentlemen.”

A week ago when i was playing a few custom matches and ran into a fellow name Ske7ch. (don’t bother sending requests or messages. I don’t think he replies) He had on the Hayabusa armor and i didn’t think much of it because I didn’t understand how rare it was. Now it seems that he is one of VERY FEW people who have the last skull. you can check out my File Share to see a picture of him.

*I also edited the picture because the Rogue/EOD armor had the wrong chest piece on it. Also renamed it to EOD to match the list of armors.*

EDIT (2): What started out as a mystery has now changed into a worldwide hunt for the illusive IWBYD skull. Rumors say it is on Covenant and an image of the game’s hex shows that Skull_Daddy is on stage convenant. So go out there and look for it!

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –

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  1. dangit! why do I have to be at stupid work today :<

  2. I have the Hayabusa chest, don’t know how I got it. Wonder if having a DOAX2 save did it, since everyones conspiring its related to that stuff.

  3. I also have the Hatabusa chest, i havent done anyything special in the game cept, ive found every gold skull and got that 5 kills with a needler achievement, might not have anything to do with them but thats all i can think of atm

  4. if you kill 5 people with a needler in either ffa or in campaign even you get the chest piece of the hayabusa armor i checked my armors before the mission i did that accomplishment in and after i did it i had it so thats how you get the armor part at least

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  6. I’ve got all but the hayabusa head, the only achievements I have are for beating the first 5 stages on heroic, the car salesman, and I have all the skulls

  7. i wonder what it is. I recieved my armor after doing certain things today. this is what i accomplished

    beating the game on legendary
    earned a few met-game achievements
    found some skulls “thunderstorm, grunt party, mythic and black eye.

    i also activated a few terminals, maybe thats what gave me the armor piece

  8. i had the Fear the Pink Mist achievement long before i recieved teh armor

  9. Yea, I have the pink mist and I don’t have the armor…

  10. i have the We’re in for some Chop Achievement but i don’t have any scout Shoulder Pieces?

  11. Hayabusa is unlocked when you get all skulls.

  12. Hatabusa pink mist yar yar yar football


  13. ya i have the hayabusa armor…. everything but the head piece. you need to get all the gold skulls i have all the gold skulls and two of the silver skulls.

  14. for the record the terminals dont give you the ninja armor… but the meta games might give the head piece…. thats the only thing im missing.. i beat it on legendary and thats not it either… so its gotta be meta games and skulls can anyone confirm… with picture.

  15. I just confirmed that the chest plate “does” come from finding the golden skulls, not to sure how many though, because I am missing 2 and I still got it. If anyone knows how to get the shoulder pieces please let me know.

  16. it cant be skulls i have one silver and 6 or 7 other skulls but i still have hayabusa chest piece maybe it is the first silver skull u pick up that gives u the chest plate

  17. I’m almost sure the needler achievement has nothing to do with Hayabusa armor, because I have that achievement and I don’t have the armor, so it must be something else. Maybe skulls?

  18. Is anyone else not seeing skulls where they should be??? I seem to have found every one except for “Grunt Birthday Party”, “Famine”, and “Thunderstorm”. I know where they are, it’s just when i get there there’s no skull.

  19. Shadow, you need to be doing the game on legendary for most of the skulls. If that’s not it, I’m guessing either you’re not looking thoroughly, or Bill Gates hates you.

  20. Honestly, I don’t care about the Hayabusa. I’d rather hear how to get the full sets of Mark V (Halo 1), Security (Marathon), and Rogue (Hellghast). Anyone?

  21. Found the answer to my problem: When getting skulls on any level you must have it on “at least” normal difficulty and you “must” start the level from scratch no alpha of beta save-points.

  22. When you say 1000 gamerscore, does that mean strictly on halo 3, or can it be just my gamerscore?

  23. pretty sure he means HALO 3 only.

  24. Here’s a VERY helpful link for finding the first 8 skulls…im still working on finding out where the “iron skull” is.


  25. Iron Skull Guide:

  26. Alright guys it’s 100% confirmed now. You must collect “all 9” skulls(Step-By-Step video conveniently posted above this) to be able to unlock the chest+shoulders for the Hayabusa armor.

  27. DOAX2 is not how you get anything its a rumor

  28. the hayabusa arm. does look neat in all. but master chief isnt a shogun samurai.. he’s a spartan. [no offense intended whatsoever].

    that being said.. wats the uknown helm. at the bottom?

  29. Anyone considered that to earn the head piece, you need to complete the game with all skulls active? Perhaps on legendary or otherwise.

  30. Why is everybody so interested in Halo aren’t we supposed to be talking about problems in the world like air pollutiohn,global warming,and other natuarl disasters.

  31. hoogie..
    plz stfu =)

  32. what sucks is that my homeboys i play split screen with that dont have their own 360s arent gonna have all the cool armor.


    i do look forward to whatever new armor they make you can download later.

    if they could get a DOOM helmet… that would be the shizzle

  33. This guide has alotta bad info….. Security doesn’t come with 750 gamescore in halo 3…

  34. hey i only got halo 3 yesterday and i have the hayabusa body. i thought it was pink mist at first but then i realised you needed the skullz

    im not sure which but try looking for these skulls:
    tough luck
    blind and also
    grunts birthday party
    im not sure if theres any other thing than a skull

  35. I got the Hayabusa chest peice after getting the Tough Luck skull, Mythic Skull and Blidn Skull. I am not sure which one actually gave it to me.

  36. From my post and the one above it looks like its either the Tough luck or grunts birthday party.

  37. Sorry Blind not Birthday part

  38. I have read all over the internet, and I htink I can confirm, the Hayabusa is unlocked by collecting 5, 10, and 13 skulls- for each of chest, shoulders, and helmet.

  39. Hey guys thanks for all the tips and what not.. but i CANNOT get the flippin “car salesman” achievment.. i know you have to kill an enemy vehicle with 3 people in it.. but i cannot kill the vehicle without killing all the people in it first.. its crazy..

  40. In all the armour images I have seen it has included this “Unknown 1” mask… but the game only has 10 possible helmets and I have heard NOTHING on it for unlocking it….

    I rather like the mask, but it isnt actually in the game, is it?

  41. u unlock hayabusa shouldrrs and chest when u get all gold skulls

  42. To get the Used Car Salesman award easily, go through Campaign until you find a Phantom dropship that’s about to unload some troops. Destroy one of its large turret guns before anyone exits. You should unlock that achievement without having to fully demolish the vehicle.

  43. ok just asking what make Halo better then onther first person shooters, like Resistence: Fall of Man?

  44. You get the Hyubasa by unlocking all terminals supposedly.

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  46. when i got the hayabusa armour i got a couple of skulls and completed a few levels on heroic. (i already had the pink mist achievement before i got it), (i havnt got all skulls and only accessed 1 terminal)

  47. hears the deal to get the Hayabusa stuff collect the gold skull’s wen u get every single gold skull u get the helm i have it 😀

  48. I got the “we’re in for some Chop” but it didnt give me the shoudlers, anyone else ahve this problam?

  49. Hello all, i have a few things to say that some of you are confused about.( at least i think you are) To get the Hayabusa armour you need to find ALL the skulls, the gold and sliver skulls. For skulls to appear on map you need to play level on Normal difficulty or higher. I have all the skulls except the IWHBYD skull and i have chest and shoulder peices of Hayabusa. If anyone knows how to get IWHBYD skull please drop me a line. Here are two sites which helped me greatly.


    There you have it. Happy Hunting!

  50. Also i forgot to add, the pink mist achievement has absolutely nothing to do with the armour getting unlocked.
    Happy Hunting!

  51. One last thing, as said before in this forum, you must start all levels at the beginning, no starting at check points or skulls wont show up.
    Happy Hunting!!

  52. Ok, about the samurai armor. I was reading this last night and I saw the 5 kill needler thing. Well, I was thinking this morning and yesterday I got an unexpected reward called headshot hallo, or something like that. I haven’t been able to check out my armor yet, but it might be some type of armor bonus. I got this by getting a headshot on two grunts with one bullet from very far away. I hope this helps some.
    Good Luck, Dart Dare


    has the technique posted above worked for anyone?
    is there something special I need to do?

  54. It has nothing to do with the needler achievement because I haven’t gotten it, and I have the armor and shoulders, but my friend who has it has none of them. I am working on getting all skulls, currently I have only 8 Gold and 1 Silver, and I have the chest and shoulders both. I believe it has to do with the number of skulls you have gotten, but not which skulls they are. I am going to get my last 4 skulls tomorrow, and from what I have read that also will not get the helmet, but I will post back if I do. It may have to do with getting all skulls AND beating the game on Legendary, which I am also working on, about halfway through right now. Will post back with anymore info I get.

  55. you guys should really play the game instead of going on the internet the whole time. its load more fun.
    but whats the story with the unknwon armour. is that the ninja one or wats the deal?
    and how do i get it?

  56. well i already got 12skulls atm
    dont know where the 13th is

  57. Hey! Guys I think we need 3 silver and all 9, at least to activate the las!

  58. uhh dude tehre are 13 skulls
    4silver and 9gold
    u know where the last is?

  59. To all the people saying you have to play DOA or get all of the skulls to unlock Hayabusa chest, just stop. You only need to get ONE skull to unlock it, and that skull is the gold famine skull. If you guys dont think its true just check your armor after youve gotten that skull and no others.

  60. You get the hayabusa armor from finding all of the skulls. That is the only way to get the helmit atleast……

  61. OH ya you also find the chest and shoulder armor by geting just five for the chest and 9 for the shoulders.

  62. Skulls, you half to just get five skulls for the chest and nine skulls for the shoulder pads.

  63. err actually i dont have all the skulls but i infact have all but helmet of hayabusa…. SO your “confirm” is false

  64. If anyone finds out where the IWHBYD Skull is please let me know. That’s the only skull i have left to get and (supposedly) if you get all the skulls you get the hayabusa helment. So Let’s Get Crackin’ Bitches!

  65. man, i love the fact we gotta work hard to unlock all these – but i dont know, i dunno if i like the hayabusa headpiece from the screenshots up top – doesnt fit in very well, i dont think itll look cool if too many people get it either.

    i hope bungie makes downloadable armor/head pieces later that are gonna be INSANELY hard to get

  66. p.s. what is unknown 1?

  67. sorry one more thing – to get the skulls, can you play coop or just single?

  68. to: Nopical Trogger

    No, it doesn’t matter which mode you’re playing in, it works either way.

  69. uhh btww
    the terminals -_-
    do u have to w8 till they turn red? and u see another message then it will show normally without errorring?
    because i found 6 of 7 and only the 6th i was w8ing til lit turned red
    and i showed me another message after 30secs
    soooo my question..are the terminals activated after clicking RB on it. nvm how long u look into the terminal? or u have to w8? tell me

  70. hmm think i need to w8 with terminals…
    till the other message shows up
    becaues i got 7terminals now and sitll no achievement


  72. dude i already did
    only the last silver skull missing

  73. I got the armor and im pretty sure i got by using the sword in the level where u have to locate the downed flood ship. not sure, but i think thats how.

  74. whehe i used the same gear
    i beated up all the foe’s

  75. goddamnit i cant find the last silver skull
    the very last 1…can some1 help me?

  76. dudes mistery solved

    Quote Source: NeoGAF

    Tyson Green also confirmed that the Hayabusa, or “Samurai” Helmet is unlocked with the skulls. So once again, Happy Hunting!

  77. i got the hayubusa chest after getting the tough luck skull. or at least im 95% certain i did

  78. how do u get the were in for some chop achievement??

  79. i have the were in for some chop acheivement and i dont have the scout shoulder peices. ive also completed the tsavo highway on normal and i dont have the armor for that either

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  81. how do you get the scout shoulder plates?i have the were in for some chop achievement and i dont have it. Ive heard its the new foundation but whats the secret to getting it?

  82. Shzzle, on September 27th, 2007 at Said:

    hears the deal to get the Hayabusa stuff collect the gold skull’s wen u get every single gold skull u get the helm i have it 😀

    Sorry, I have all the gold skulls, and 3 of the 4 silver ones. I have beat the game on heroic and 3/4ths on legindary. You (and I) have to get the IWHBYD Skull (I would have been your daddy) and according to bungie it is going to be very very hard to find and you probably will not find it unless its leaked by them.

    So now, I would like to talk to someone who ACTUALLY has the Hayabusa helmet on that has information on getting that skull. If you are interested in the other pieces of armor please ask somone who knows EXACTLY how they got it.

  83. but how do u get the “were in for some chop” achievement??? wat do u have to do?

  84. have any of you guys noticed that the “unkown” helmet is considerably smaller than any of the other helmets, and is also so small that it is out of proportion

    so wouldnt it be called “head hunter” helm or “low profile” helm. lol.

    also thanks for all the tips about how to get the hayabusa armor

  85. who cares

    we need the last skull on The Covenant
    its between the Thunderstorm skull and 3th tower switch

  86. it could mean its a fake, for one.
    a spartan with a shrunk head looks stupid, for two.
    and snide remarks arent needs by noobs, for three.

  87. db got a source of info? if its true i would love to party up and look for it with ya

  88. Hey, i only need the Skull from the Storm level (and the IWHBYD one of course) to complete my collection, but i have a problem witth getting it. i think im at the right silo, big round thing, with a smaller round thing by it, valves on top, an inner wall to it. i’ve tried it on normal, hard, and legendary, and with the normal wraith by the gate intact, and blown up.
    i cant find it.
    does it mean the AA wraith, the normal wraith, or both?
    am i at the right silo?
    any other conditions im missing?
    anyone who can help has my thanks, this is the only one i cant seem to get.

  89. What does “Destroy an enemy vehicle with a piece of equipment in a ranked playlist or campaign” mean? What do they mean by “a piece of equipment”?

  90. mines or the like.

  91. per wikipedia:to unlock samurai armor you must locate the hidden skulls through out the game. 5 skulls = helmet 9 skulls = shoulders and all 13 skulls = chest plate

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  93. Sketch works at Bungie 😉

  94. Yo dude Ske7ch is one of the creators of bungie!!

  95. i didnt notice i had “found” on the edit. Sorry for the mix up. Thanks though; Greenskull and RecklessRifle.

    Also it somewhat confirmed that the skull is on Covenant

  96. Ok you guys are partially rihgt, but To unlock the chest it is FIVE of ANY type of skulls, for the shoulders- all NINE GOLD skulls, and for the helmet, it takes ALL 13 skulls in the game, and so far nobody has found the last one, IWHBYD. Remeber, you can get skulls easy and above!

  97. sorry, i meant on NORMAL difficulty and higher. No more legendary-only skull runs. And the only person known to haev all 13 is Ske7ch, a bungie employee. He says it is “hidden in ways we cant even yet begin to imagine.” Sounds difficult.

  98. …and to answer your question, Mandalore, you cannot kill the occupants of ANY of the Wraiths if youre looking to get that skull.

  99. his snap shot shows the scout helm not the ninja one.

    anyone find the name ‘citadel’ odd in the map code. makes me wonder if bungie expected us to see that change. that or perhaps thats refering to the section of the level its in.

    another question on my mind is are they still the ‘covenant’ ever sence the elites left? those names just stand out. perhaps hints.

    thats my two cents. hope it helps.

    P.s. its either in a very complex area (like very tricky to get to) or somewhere so out in the open (like behind where u start) that noone would bother looking.

  100. For those of you who cant find the link to the code its here: http://halo3planet.com/images/IWHBYD-Skull.jpg

    pay note to the names of the other objects around it in the code. that may not dictate weither or not those objects are close but it may also give a clue as to other objects required in possible steps to finding the skull.

  101. How do i get the scout should pieces, i got we’re in for some chop but didnt get it. and can i get the needler achievement in campaign?

  102. The ninja shoulders are unlocked by collecting some of the gold skulls… which ones im not entirely sure.

  103. **********A CLUE********

    Level: Covenant
    Mission: Breach the Citadel

    My thoughts: I have heard that the name does infact hold a clue to the location of the skull. I have done some research into the litteral meaning of each of the words (except “the”).

    Covenant – a contract or agreement between two or more people/groups
    Citadel – protective structure
    Breach – a gap made in a wall or fortification or THE BREAKING OF A CONTRACT!!!

    This again draws my attention to the departure of the elites from the covenant and also reminds me of a post that I read about this same skull from halo 2 being found within the vecinity of elites.

    I will be looking into this tomorrow to see if it does infact lead somewhere. PLEASE try it out yourselves and see what you come up with. This could be the break we were looking for!!!!!!!

  104. how do u unlock the EOB armor thats my fav.

  105. Ske7ch is one of the game developers

    Lowest Ranked
    TJ Scoot
    Thug Larz
    are all developers

    Rico Mexico is my gamertag

  106. ok each silver skull is part of teh hyabusa armour

    so when we find the daddy we can get the hayabusa helmet

    but daddy is very hard to get 😦

  107. and the humans and the elites would be the covennant aswell

    they are 2 groups that have a agreement

  108. Hi people this is one of the best info sites ive been to if anyone here plays conquer for computer message me as or my name all m friends call me it ive got everything on halo 3 already i got it on the first day all armor all unlocks i know everything about the skulls and wat does wat and wat achievments and skulls and terminals affects are sooo woot woot i found everything in 2 hours tops!!!!! soooo goood LUCK

  109. and theres nothing new here that i dont know

  110. and i dont work for bungie im twelve years old!!!!

  111. i have the IWHBYD skull

  112. i think there should be a direct list of what each and every skull will do for you. if anyone has one, or can make one for me, that woudl be awesome!!!! email me, rudics_man@yahoo.ca if you have a list.!!!!!!! thanks everyone!!!!!!

  113. = lies!

    I have seriously racked my brain trying to get this figured out. I have tried doing the level on Legendary, flipping skulls around, but here are the main points I have gathered about the daddy skull.

    Level: The Covenent – This is shown in the hex code

    Random facts I put together

    There are 7 “halos” in the final room. Each has its own color /symbol on the top. Could this relate to the 7 Terminals? Legendary Terminals say different things.
    According to many posts, it is believed that this 13th skull will be unlocked once a sequence of jumps through the halos is made. Some say that when the halos are first seen in the level (cut scene?) that they play a very subtle melody. I have not looked into this YET but some speculate it could be the halo theme (7 notes). It appears that Bungie loves the #7.
    Does the jump sequence occur before or after the final event?

    I will eventually figure this out, but as of now it is driving me crazy. Any comments or thoughts on this, feel free to send me a message in game , DarkZephyr308 is my gamertag

  114. i got the “we’re in for some chop” award but i didnt receive the scout shoulder pads. could someone help me?

  115. yo master chief if u have the iwhbyd skull then help the rest of the world that are trying to get it and tell us how

    p.s i got the iwhbyd in halo 2 and yes it was extremly hard to get so maybe how u get that one might give a clue or 2 to get it on halo 3.

  116. well the fear the pink mist acheivment DOES NOT unlock any armour.

  117. Soooo…. Just sum varifacation…
    You no longer have to only play on legendary to get skulls? (pwnage)
    The exact location of the IWHBYD skull remains a mystery?
    The order in which you get the skulls doesn’t matter?
    Some of the acheivments don’t actually unlock stuff? (ex.we’re in for some Chop)
    The meaning of life is cheese? =)
    The “Hayabusa” chest and shoulder pads are unlocked by getting 9 of the 13 skulls?
    U guys are awesome? 😛
    See y’all online
    thanx in advance if you respond to me (i appreciate it =)
    SGT Steeve out

  118. It seems as if MAsterchief does not have the IWHBYD skull, b/c otherwise he wouldve told us…n i want this skull so friggin bad…i have the other 12…i just…want…the last…..SKULL….please leave info on how to get it


    FIND IT!!!

  120. Lol i havnt found the last silver skull i just wanted to see how people would react

  121. theres still a few skulls i need to find so if anyone could send a website with detailed descripions on all the skulls so far il ask some friends online some games and see if they know anyone at bungie or somone that has that armor

  122. masterchief just fuck off with ur lying m8, go search and stop whining

    and for
    The360loop, on September 27th, 2007 at Said:
    db got a source of info? if its true i would love to party up and look for it with ya

    yea i had sorces..a hacked file with codes and u see many 7/ s ,,that nr returns the whole time
    and it said its between the THunderstorm skull and 3th tower switch

    i saved the pic

  123. i have some info on where it might be messege me if u want to hear it

  124. hmm i just dont like it if ppl have bigtalk and are lying u knoww..
    on some other forums ppl acted like they had the skull

  125. well where u think it is then?

  126. sry if it took me so long to reply i had to press refresh
    but heres my info
    the IWBYD skull is found on the level the conevant.
    in order to get the skull you need to have on all the skulls.
    in order to get the skull you have to first save the hornet that is about to be dystroyed
    by the anti air tank. to do this quickly shoot it once in the back panel or twice.
    now proceed to kill the rest of the enemys.
    once they are dystroyed youll here the ships comming in.
    quickly jump on before it starts to hover out of jumping range.
    this ship will sit her for quite awhile than slowly so as not to knock you off.
    move tword the montians right behind the mission start. jump off when you can and go hunt for the skull

    the second method which is more likely is to shoot the rescued hornet with plasma pistols
    charged up. once hit a couple time it will hover down and you must jump on that instant than it will fly away to the mountians close by
    you should jump off here and search for the skull.
    do not try to get in the hornet or it will explode.

  127. no thats bullshit
    i alraedy read it on other forums
    its just bullshit a waste of time
    besides i went out of the map and on top of the waterfall
    u walked untill u cant go any further
    and without saving the hortet…
    u can jump on the rock at the crashed plain//
    and then jump on the ledge..and go right
    jump again and once again
    then ur ontop and walk where u want..there is a barrierfield and yea thatst he prob u cant go further

    and at the place where the 2 scarabs are..i also went out of the map and the rings on top of u
    when u get CHECKPOINT done..when u are with the tank…
    when u destroy the enemy tank on the snowy road..then u make the turn and u see the brutevihicle coming…kill it and take a ghost
    then drive ( while pressing A ) up the wall and u can go on the building pontop of u
    and u can jump everywhere
    and ride everywhere u want

  128. ive been on the hunt for the skull. People have come to believe the skull is located somewhere at the end of Covenant where the Halo rings are.

    How did they come up with it? More code in the hex mentions someting like Ring_skull_song and other stuff about skull in that area.

    i do notice some VERY odd things in that area, but ill look tomorrow. I think i might be onto something.

  129. Ok, this i have CONFIRMED. A member of bungie has said that this is the way to get the hayabusa armour. You need to find ALL the GOLD and SILVER skulls. When you get 5 skulls you get them body, 9 skulls for the shoulders and 13(all) skulls for the head piece. To be able to get the skulls you must play on NORMAL difficulty or higher. And start from the very beggining of level. This i have confirmed. Anyone who says they have the helmet without all skulls is lying, and i wont belivie it untill i see a screen.
    Happy Hunting!!

  130. dude////
    thats old news
    btw im puting live again on it now
    if u want a hunt..add me
    : mdgN


  131. Reuirements for Hayabusa Armour:
    Helmet: All thirteen skulls found.
    Chest: 5 skulls found.
    Shoulder Pads: 9 skulls found

    Enjoy 🙂

  132. Hey, my friend has found it! there is a part in the level Covenent and in Breach the citadil. on the second tower (the one the arbiter took care of) , you must have the blind skull on and must be on legendary. anyway, there on top of the life (where you fight the brutes when you go to sgt johnsens and your own tower) there is a baraceade against the inside of one of the corridors, and there is a small gap, you have to grande crouch jump (ontop of the barrier) because there is a small space you can get into, you go in and you can only SEE it if you have the blind skull on. and only grab it on legendary. and you have to do it before the arbiter starts BI###ing at you to get to johnsons tower. After school today (im there right now) hes comming over and i will be screenshotting and video taping it. XBL tag is WHO MAHSTER you can friend me because (i dont have any skulls yet) i will be getting the all and obv showing off my new helmet and armor set at around midnight my time

  133. NOTE: you might need all the other 12 skulls, he had them all but i dont so im going to try it with only blind first, and if thats a bust then i will achieve the other 11 and snag the helmet,

  134. I don’t know if anybody else has mentioned this, but Ske7ch is a high ranking bungie employee. He does a lot of the podcasts. Sorry if I’m repeating, I didn’t read through all of the replies.

  135. Yea, someone posted it earlier but it never hurts to say it again ^^ anyway, im so physced about this, since he doesnt have XBL i will be taking credit and saying it was his doing, i wonder if bungie will do anything for the person who finds it first.

  136. Could you be a bit more specific on what tower and and where you need to jump whomaster?

  137. thanx people =D

  138. Emporius, that was already stated quite a few times.
    Whomaster, if you could video tape it, that would be great.
    Worst case just fileshare it and give us your gamertag xD

  139. Ok, there is the tower (where you fight the brutes and deactivate the laser thing) and there are 3 of em, one you get to bash one the arbiter does and the third sgt johnson is SUPPOSED to get but u gatta go and do it, instead of going to johnsons after you get yours done go to the one the arbitor does, i dont know exactly where it is yet because i have not played and im going off what my friend has said. Apperantly near the lift (where you go upstairs and fight brutes) there is a hallway blocked off by a ammo case (the big boxes that have covy weapons at ax ammo in them) you can jump on top of it and above it there is a ledge which is only accessable with a grenade crouch jump (grenade jump and then crouch ontop of it) you can then fall behind it and inside of it is the blind skull, which you cna only see with the blind skull on and only pickup on legendary, and to get out there is a gravity hammer in the back of the hallway to bash the box outta the way (impossible to jump back through since you must “drop” down into the hallway.)

  140. /me thinks whomaster’s friend is bsing him =D

  141. well i will find out today

  142. and if not YOUR ALL WELCOME

  143. So all of this takes place in the second tower, the one that the Arbiter shut down, correct? After destroying yours, fly to the second tower and do all of that?

  144. All of this takes place in the second tower? After destorying yours, fly to the Arbiter’s tower and do all of that?


  145. yea

  146. this is my other name now cause my school is trying to block me

  147. Lol at “its my school” ‘s comment.

    If they were trying to block you, you wouldn’t be on this site.

  148. I’ve been to the second tower to access the terminal, and I’m pretty sure you can’t go inside the tower, just the front area to get the terminal, so how do you get inside it to get to that room?

  149. I heard rumors that the skull was on the Coventant level… something to do with waiting 10mins to jump on a pelican and then hit an invisible wall… idk, but anyway i hope that whomaster does find it. I’m not trying to be the first person to find it, I just want the helmet.

  150. Sounds like an iffy call to me, but something like using the blind skull on Legendary actually does make alot of sense

    Major props to master’s friend, if it is true, and even more major props to master himself for sharing

  151. I have the hayabusa shoulders and plate but no helmet… is that the IWHBYD skull?

  152. Supposedly, if Master’s words hold true

  153. I’m flying towards the Arbiter’s tower now, on normal with no blind skull, just to see if there is such an area in the tower of which you speak of

  154. so does anyone have a list of where what skull is yet?

  155. FALSE, just as I thought. At the second tower, the one the Arbiter destroyed, the door is LOCKED and you can NOT go inside to get to the room with the hallway blocked by the ammo crate

    The significance of the second tower is the terminal and one of the skulls, but it is verified the IWHBYD is NOT there

  156. I even looked in Johnson’s tower before going up the elevator, there is no such room

  157. Hayabusa Chest: Collect 6 Skulls
    Hayabusa Helmet: Collect 13 Skulls
    Hayabusa Shoulders: Collect 9 Skulls

  158. Its 9/28 already, cmon you fat bastards with no life! Your actually good for something for once and still you have continued to let the public down. FIND THAT SKULL!

  159. How many times is everyone going to post what they think is the right way to get the chest\shoulder pieces

    No one cares about those

    It’s all about the IWHBYD skull

    So gtfo

  160. You get the Hayabusa armor from finding all of the skulls.

  161. how do you claim a scull??? i find a scull pick it up an nothing happends??? wtf! so i tryed takin it all the way through the level an still nothin happends… plz HELP

  162. is there anyway to get some of the Armour and unlock stuff in off line p play rather than online cos i don’t wanna pay for online but i still want the achievents for me and my friends

  163. not much time i got to go so someone email me a preston630@gmail.com thanks!!!!!

  164. TO FIND 12/13 SKULLS.

    just go on utube or google vid. and type in halo3 skulls.

    your beter off seing how to do it than words.

    and to get the helm you need all the skulls, silver and gold.

    every one thinks that the covanant has it then just go on “forge” on the map. 🙂

  165. av found the skulls on the fist level and the grunt party 1 and the one on the third lv but a cant pick them up how come? am playin it on normal too

  166. I have the HAyabusa body armor and the left and right shoulder protectors. I have no idea how i recieved these but i was greatly surprised when i did. I have all of the skulls except 3 which are IWHBYD (duh), Cowbell, and Catch. I have also heard that once you have collected all of the skulls and have beaten the game on legendary or MYTHIC that 4 more secret skulls wil appear. THis is what i heard, but you must collect all the skulls (mythic is a difficulty above Legendary with the use of the mythic skull this becomes an availability)

  167. […] and how to get them. They also can not find IWHBYD skull, and they also agree its on covenant. Halo 3: Where is my Hayabusa armor!? The Xbox Domain __________________ Thanks QsK Gun. GT: FoLLY A T M, for all […]

  168. **********READ THIS BEFORE POSTING**********

    Please read all previous posts before asking how to get the armor. You are the only person who does not have the skulls because you didn’t follow the EXTREMELY EASY instructions at the top of this topic.

    …Now back to more pressing matters. Now that we have found that whomaster’s theory was a bust, can someone try the one that I had mentioned on the covenant level, I’m at work until late tonight so I can’t do it myself until late tomorrow. Here is the post I got this from. Source: Halo3Planet.com

    Activate “Blind” Skull.
    Play “The Covenant” on “Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.”
    “You will *SEE* things you never knew existed.”-IWHBYD Tag
    Proceed directly to Truth(Creator of the Halos), “One must die to obtain this…”
    The IWHBYD Skull will now flash in the center of the destroyed halo, “Easy to find, hard to get; Smack on the face”
    With “Blind” activated you will be able to see what truly happened and the reward is IWHBYD skull.
    HOWEVER, I will hint to you “ONE must die to obtain this…” ***
    ***Hint: Its not MC…

    So I’ve heard this theory of the blind skull thing said in different ways but all agree on the one thing. Our fated IWHBYD skull is on “Covanant” and further more it would seem as though you must use the blind skull to be able to find it.
    *note*-I don’t believe that the game has to be set to “legendary” since every other skull can be found on “normal”.

  169. […] guys over at The Xbox Domain posted a helpful little chart for Halo 3 players who want to unlock the various armor permutations […]

  170. i’m trying to get the scout shoulders but when i got the achievement for them it didn’t give me the shoulders. are you sure these are correct?

    if anyone knows how to get the differently please reply.

  171. I have over 750 gamerpoints in the game but I don’t have the security shoulders, what gives?

  172. Hey, it was a bust, my friend is a freaking tard and now i hate him so much. im really sorry guys, althought i totally believe that you must have blind on since it makes alot of sense, alot of quotes come from the game and what bungie people have said that hint at it

  173. PEOPLE STOP SENDING REQUESTS IT WAS A BUST omfg, i have like 50 msgs

  174. that and if you wanna just talk to me im me at superjared4000@hotmail.com i got liek 30 I JUST WANNA TALK!!

  175. Check it out guys, please don’t take this “totally” to heart, but some guys over at the bungie forums think they may have figured out another piece to this puzzle. Apparently pleople are claiming that in an official post from bungie they say that the skull will be a “slap in the face” to find. The guys over at the bungie forums say that, what if the answer is not to put the game on normal or legendary with the blind skull but instead set the game on “easy”…

  176. TO: ViPER

    Your post about TrickFlow… no he does not. I checked his gamer card at xbox.com .

  177. Because I cant stand to see people suffer over a lost skull I bring you the location and method to finding the final skull.

    The location of the final skull, the IWHBYD Skull!

    The Skull is located in the level, “The Covenant”. After defeating the Scarabs, and going inside, get to the location with all 7 Ring Holograms. You must jump through the rings in a specific order. That order is as follows:

    4 5 6 5 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 2 7 2 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    These rings also produce the notes:

    E F# G F# A G F# E B C# D C# A C# B D E G A F# E G F# E F# D E

    After jumping through them in this sequence, you will be awarded the “I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull”. It will be right next to the bridge that brings you over to the Prophet of Truth.

  178. Because I cant stand to see people suffer over a lost skull I bring you the location and method to finding the final skull.

    The location of the final skull, the IWHBYD Skull!

    The Skull is located in the level, “The Covenant”. After defeating the Scarabs, and going inside, get to the location with all 7 Ring Holograms. You must jump through the rings in a specific order. That order is as follows:

    4 5 6 5 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 2 7 2 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    These rings also produce the notes:

    E F# G F# A G F# E B C# D C# A C# B D E G A F# E G F# E F# D E

    After jumping through them in this sequence, you will be awarded the “I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull”. It will be right next to the bridge that brings you over to the Prophet of Truth.

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    add me |Live ID ::: ForeverNever13

  179. The last skull:
    Its after Truth is dead, you have to jump in the rings in a certain order. the numbers of the rings are from where you enter to truth 1-7. 4565765412327211346754654534 then go to the bridge and there is your skull.

    full credit goes to the all the people at http://www.halo3planet.com/2007/09/2…l-kill-us-all/

  180. Umm wtf is the rogue helmet
    you list how to get it but theres no pic
    is it the unknown one?
    and uhh
    how is there 11 different helmets when it only says 10???

  181. You guys better be right about that ring jumping sh*t… I’m trying it the second I get home tonight.

  182. is that true about the sequence of notes

  183. ok, so here is what i think…

    there are all these different riddles all over the internet…and i think i got one…

    people have been saying “right in front of you” and bungie said “it will be a slap in the face…you will SEE what you have to have…ONE must die”

    im at work so i cannot verify this, but i think…

    you put on the blind skull, put the game on easy, go to covenant and kill ONE of your marines that get off with you…

    the blind riddle falls in to place with this, the one must die falls into place, slap in the face because your on easy mode, and the right in front of you cause you span looking at the marines.

    lemme know if this works

  184. Well, I just spent 4 hours searching through the Covanant, with the blind skull active. Ran through the entire mission and searched every place I could get myself into and found nothing on Normal Difficulty. I even tried jumping through all those rings at the end, both on the way to Truth and on the way back out heh. I did notice that one of the halo rings was half red colored, I didnt notice that before in my first run through. Though I may have just overlooked it before. I didnt see anything unusual anywhere around it though. Any other theroies people want tested? =(

  185. so does anybody have it yet then, or all all these people guessing as to where the helmet is?

  186. skull*

  187. i just did the jump through the rings in order thing and found the skull and im gona check if i got it nw but nothing came up wen i picked it up

  188. if these jumping things are correct…where would we be able to find these numbers??? are they a serial code on the cd or are they on the xbox or waht

  189. just go up a couple of comments to a guy called Xeon Kr8s follow his instructions

  190. i did it on normal got the skull but it didnt wrk so id try it on legendary

  191. […] guys over at The Xbox Domain posted a helpful little chart for Halo 3 players who want to unlock the various armor permutations […]

  192. yah, how did they find out where it is?

  193. i understand that it is correct but where were the numbers found? are they a serial, upc code or waht

  194. Hayabusa armor is obtained by collecting skulls
    Chest – 5 Skulls
    Shoulders – 9 Skulls
    Helmet – All 13 Skulls


  195. i no have the head :P:P:P

    add me on xbox live…

    me and two mates got it earlier on this evening…


  196. is that update the location of iwbyd skull????!

  197. when you do the sequence correct the rings will start to blink in the direciton you need to go…and all the rings will light up bright when you get it

  198. GOD DAMNIT! WTF! WHY IS GETTING A TRIPE KILL WITH AN ENERGY SWORD SO FUCKING HARD?!?!?!? is there any certain straigty to getting the Ascetic helmet?

  199. Is there any way to unlock all the armors without playing on Live?

  200. I got the “We’re in for some chop” achievement and still no scout shoulder pads =[

  201. *cough*… it works….*cough* check out my gamer card.

  202. ok listen this is how you get the hayabusa helmet the skull is really in a weird place first get all twelve of the other skulls then you know the part where it says get on the platform to activate the bridge to get inside the building dont get in a hornet and complete that level go to the snow level after you find cortana there is a hidden cave in there is the skull now walla my friend got them all not me though so i dont know if it is entirely true but thats what he told and he does have them all i dont know the location of the cave but it is some where you would never think to find it my friend doesnt have xbox live but i do my gamer tag is J.K.Man so messege me for more info if you are stuck

  203. ok latest update my friend just told me that the cave is located by the end of the level out of the boundaries

  204. sorry bout the first comment i meant to say get in the hornet and go to the beggning of the level and defeat some weird looking brutes then complete the mission

  205. ya u need all 13 skulls…i got full hyabusu wutever armor so if u need help gettin any of the skulls even the IWHBYD skull just got it today!!!! btw grunt birthda party = AWSOME

  206. so im not sure if anyone has seen but the way to get the skull is now on the very top of this post

  207. * Helmet: All thirteen skulls found.
    * Chest: 5 skulls found.
    * Shoulder Pads: 9 skulls found.

  208. the unknown one is Rogue – just BTW
    its unlocked with the spartan officer achievement.

  209. i found and picked up all 13 skulls and have no helm to show for it ….. do u have to finish the level after picking up the skull because i just did save and quit after i got each one. i dont want to have to go back and do each one all over again …. especially the jumping through rings lol

  210. I think the scout chest armor is the same thing as CQB

    also, once you go through those rings and pick up the skull. finish the level THEN save and quit.


  212. I got full hayabusa its frikkin awesome the helmet is cool =)

  213. oh and you must have the other 12 skulls for the last one to register

  214. i unlocked the scout shoulders today. I think you get it from TRIPLE KILL achievement.

    i earned a few acheivements today which unlocked it.

    triple kill
    mongoose mowdown
    lee r wilson
    spartan officer

  215. also. i dont know if this happened to anyone else. I had the security shoulders already, but when i unlocked the scout shoulder piece, my security pieces disappeared

  216. I finally got the IWHBYD skull it took me like 2 tries to get it. When the Rings light up it’s the shit, I got my samerai Armor and it’s the shit too. Love, Peace and Chicken Grease

  217. hypno what level is it on?

  218. Head on over to my website for the definitive guide to the IWHBYD skull..
    Coming Soon! With pictures & Video

    Enough said already “Leaked”

    Pittbull UK

    Epic Legends Leader

  219. Ps…. Samurai Armour Is Very Sweet !

  220. i have the iwhbyd skull i know exactly how to get it all of you need to find out on your own cus thats the way the hardest skull in the game works

  221. none of you fags have the armor, and the fact you think youre fooling anyone makes you retarded as well as a lame lying geek.

    also, i have the hayabusa armor, the helmet is unlocked by sticking your halo 3 disc in the microwave for three minutes.

  222. Wow Weezus your I friggin funny one…seriously did you think that was clever?

  223. I did the routine and got the skull IWHBYD but I did not get the hyubasa head, is there anything you have to do after you get the skull?

  224. do u have do go thru the rings or past them and r they the rings after u kill truth?

  225. o and witch bridge do u have to go 2 the one in front of the 1st ring and wich is the first ring the 1 closest 2 were truth died or farthest from there?

  226. it takes forever to load and it has tracking cookies, but other than that, its fine. they have i think 10 skulls including iron skull, + a bunch of others. there pretty descript about finding them to.

  227. For the IWHBYD skull, the sequence you’ve posted is slightly incorrect..

    The “7 2 1 1 3 4 6 7” part should be:
    7 2 1 3 4 6 7

    Watch it be done 🙂

  228. i just got the IWHBYD skull… i unlocked it by playing co-op we both worked together to get it but i didnt unlock the hayabusa headpiece


  229. @ erick
    you have to have all the gold and sliver skulls to get the headpiece

  230. thank you, The360loop! finally somebody payed attention to an UNANSWERED question.

  231. to unlock the Body ARmor for Hayabusa, you gotta get the Cowbell Skull, in The Ark after you fight the Scarab. I’ll post more when I get back, because I just now within the hour got the body piece.

  232. Okay. This is confirmed…. Fact: The Hayabusa chest is unlocked after finding 6 skull. The shoulders are after 9. The head after 13. To confirm for yourself, go to Gamespot.com. They are never wrong.

  233. The halo ring jumping technique unlocks the IWHBYD skull for sure, and I guess you must have the rest of the skulls, for the people that got it but don’t have the Helmet.

  234. I get the whole hyabusa armor thing but my question is: i got the We’re in for some Chop achievement and supposedly it unlocks scout shoulder armor. Well, I dont have the armor, so what do I do?

  235. it isnt working for me ive tried everything plz help

  236. dude wtf it doesnt work i jumped through the rings in perfect order and it didnt work! damn man thats a dissapointment

  237. to get full hayabusa (which i hav looks awsome) u need all the skulls i got mi helm after the IWHBYD skull so isnt to hard

  238. lol also u need to kill truth and the flood before jumping through rings

  239. Xeon Kr8s
    Is the perfectly correct sequence I should know !

    Check out my Halo 3 Service Record Appearance..
    My GameTag is (Pittbull UK)..without brackets…

    Anyone wants confirmation or guidance message me !

    Lol Indeed Juicedwings! Enough Already ! Just enjoy this great game as alot of work went into it…..

  240. You get the Hyabussa from collecting all the Skulls all of them or you don’t get it.

  241. Halo 3 wont let me have certain skulls. I have tried on every difficulty setting, but to no avail. I pick them up, but nothing is unlocked. I wounder if I’ve f*cked up the game somehow. The first skull I found in Halo map, I beat the map wielding it for fun and I think this may have goofed things up.

    any ideas?

  242. I have Hyabussa armor, but I don’t know how I got it. But I can safely say that you don’t get it by acessing all the terminals as I have not done that yet.

    I think it may be from collecting all of the GOLD (not silver) skulls because I have done that.

  243. You get the Hayabusa armor by simply gathering all the skulls. Once you have all the gold and all the silver skulls, then you unlock all the Hayabusa armor (including the helmet). As you get more skulls you unlock peices of the armor, but to have the whole set, you need every skull.

  244. on halo.wikia there is a description on how to get the hayabusa armor

  245. to obtain the IWHBYD skull you only need the second half of that sequence

    1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

  246. I’ts very simple to find all of the skulls. the easiest is definetly the iron or famine skull, even tilt.

  247. btw, in order to get the hayabusa headpiece, you neeed to unlock every single skull, including silver skulls such as grunt party and cowbell

  248. is anyone really annoyed and bothered how NO ONE ANYWHERE knows how to get the armor titled “unknown 1” in the link below?

  249. click on my username for the site

  250. anyone plz tell me how to get the scout shoulder pieces. i got the chop achievement and got nothin. please help me out here

  251. when i jump through the rings are they suppose to make a sound? cause they say that it makes a song but i dont hear any noises when i jump through….
    ive done the sequence twice and it hasn’t worked..

  252. ****************************************************************
    *************!!!READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!*************
    there are still people posting that they are having trouble so because i have the full hayabusa armor, i wanna post the way i got it. first i started on the covenant level on normal difficulty, i got to the room with the 7 rings and just went on to truth. after he dies i went and made sure i wiped out all the flood just so they wouldn’t bother me. then with the ring at the elevator being #1 one and the ring near truths dead body being #7, i just through the rings in this order 1346754654534. When i did that all of the rings lit up and when i went over to the bridge that leads you to truths body, the IWHBYD skull was waiting there for me. NOW, to clarify, when i got it i had 8 gold skulls and 3 silver skulls so the IWHBYD was the 2nd last one for me and so no, u dont need all of them to find the IWHBYD skull. the IWHBYD skull is a silver skull so when you pick it up, no messages or anything will pop up. yes you do need all skulls for the helmet, 9 skulls (in either silver or gold ex. 3 silver and 6 gold or 0 silver and 9 gold) for either the shoulders and 6 for the body. no, achievements have nothing to do with finding the hayabusa armor. no, the hayabusa armor doesnt do anything other than look really bitch’en. if you really need help finding any other skulls, drop me an e-mail at d_skis@hotmail.com or message me (my new gamertag is nooGani), even tho you could probably find guides on the internet now a days. anyways thats all there is to it so good luck finding it and have fun with the armor.
    *************!!!READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!*************

  253. but do you hear noises when you jump through.. thats what i wanna know

  254. ive heard that you do but when i did, i didnt hear any

  255. i did that sequnce and it worked ( 1346754654534 )and did NOT hear anything noises.. the rings start glowing in numerical order when you have done it correctly. Success now i can rest… lol thanks for the help Gani wanna do some matchmakin? lol

  256. no problem, it was my pleasure. about matchmaking, sorry but i need to get some sleep now so im gonna log of my computer, shoot me a message or friend request and i’ll catch up with you later.

  257. Meh, the Hayabusa armor wasnt too hard to get, someone told me that you had to jump through the rins in a specific order, and well i got bored, got it in about 4-5 hours, i already had 12 skulls ^ ^

  258. you have to jump through the rings in this ordeer, 1 one being the one closest to the door
    1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 45 4 5 3 4

  259. does it matter which way you face when you jump through the rings?

  260. what lvl do you have to play to get the skulls?

  261. wow

    the hayabusa chest piece is awarded for 5 skulls

    the shoulders for like 12 skulls

    and the helmet for all skulls

    also, the last skull is found on the convenant and you must jump through the golden rings after killing truth

    I found it!!!!! go to the level “the covenent” from the very start till u reach the room full of flood and the the 7 gient ring holigrames. kill tuth and all the flood till there all gone.
    now the first ring holigram at the start of the room is 1 and the one at the end is 7 u get now like 1234567 ok. so u have to jump in order this is the order


    then go the the energy bridge that u need to open to get to truth and it should be somewere around the bridge hope i helped!!!!!

  263. Confirmed, the scout shoulder pads come from the Mongoose Mowdown achievement! I just got them…

  264. WOW i found the iwhbyd skyll 2 days ago

  265. to get the hayabusa armor…al i done was find every skull…and it was there

  266. to get the hayabusa armor, all i done was find every skull

  267. well i have all 13 skulls and the hayabusa helmet is no where to be seen so dont listen to everything you read on the net!!!!

  268. plus i got the hayabusa armor by getting about 4 skulls so u dont need all to get the armor!

  269. then you must have missed one somewhere. go into campaign and press X before you start to see the skulls. if you have all of them. also, you only need five or six to get the body, 9 for the shoulders and then 13 for the helmet and not just gold, silver skulls count toward the body, shoulders and helmet. and jack, IWHBYD skull technically isnt the last skull cause tilt (on cortana) and mystic (on halo) comes after. and

  270. then you must have missed one somewhere. go into campaign and press X before you start to see the skulls. if you have all of them. also, you only need five or six to get the body, 9 for the shoulders and then 13 for the helmet and not just gold, silver skulls count toward the body, shoulders and helmet. and jack, IWHBYD skull technically isnt the last skull cause tilt (on cortana) and mystic (on halo) comes after. btw, if anyone needs wants to know the location or wants me to help them find them on campaign, i posted my e-mail address and gamertag a little bit earlier. just look for the post with a lot of stars and the READ THIS BEFORE POSTING written in the center.

  271. http://www.halo3planet.com/halo-3-skull-locations/

    that website as a description (and pictures for some) of where to get the skulls and terminals as well as some other need stuff. also checking out http://gruntsrus.com/ couldn’t hurt. i usually spend a bit of my free time browsing Grunts R Us cause theres some neat stuff there.

  272. i have all the hayabusa armor and helmet….. GT is XDILLMANX

    6 skulls gets you plate
    9 gets you shoulders
    13 skulls gets you helmet….

    i want to know about this elusive sword on back?? apparently you get after ..100% game completed??

  273. can someone send me a guide to get all skulls plz?

  274. the iwbyd skull..do u need a exact diffuclity to get it on the the lvl its on???

  275. only if i had xbox live

  276. […] guys over at The Xbox Domain posted a helpful little chart for Halo 3 players who want to unlock the various Halo armor […]

  277. The IWBYD skull is located on covenant, in the last sequence. you have to jump through the rings in a special order to find it waiting for you right before the laser bridge. you must kill the prophet and all the flood to make it from 1 hallway to the other. the order is…

    4 1 2 3 2 7 2 11 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    this is the order which u must jump through the rings, 1 starts at the begining of the room, and 7 is the closest to the prophet. number 4 is the starting right which has the red on the one side of it. Your welcome for the secret, if u dont believe me look up this name on bungie. Marche1011.

  278. i jumped through rings in order..nothing..

  279. 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 you only need this last bit to unlock the skull

  280. oh yeah and you have to kill all the flood after you have killed truth

  281. […] 1-Halo 3:Where is my Hayabusa Armor? […]

  282. yo i dunno if this has been posted but you need to unlock the skulls to get the hiyabusa armor…i have the shoulders and body and am lookin forward to the helmet…i also got 770 gamerscore so im not too sure if that counts because you get some armor for getting 750 gamerscore

  283. i got the hayabusa armor last night.. you have to have the 9 gold skulls to get the armor for the chest and shoulders and to get the head you have to get all 13 skulls in the game.. the last one is the hardest because on the level the covenant you have to jump thru the rings in a certain order for it to appear . google it.. its posted

  284. uhh, yeah i killed everything on the level NOTHING is alive and i jumped through the rings in both the orders Showed above and nothing happend its the last skull i need too SOMBODY help D:

    email your reply thingy to


    yeah i know i suck . -.-

    noah. ;]

  285. Yeah, so I just got all 13 skulls about 20 minutes ago. and NO HAYABUSA HELMET. I got the last skull just the way way i got all the other 12, and no helmet. I’m at a point where I don’t think getting all the skulls gets you the helmet. It might be 13 skulls + something else.

  286. Do I need to get the unknown blind skull in Cortana? Or do I need to beat the game?

  287. ok guys u must not have got this, ok for full hayabusa armor u must have all the skulls, silver and gold. to get the IWHBYD skull, start at the very begging of The Covenant. play all the way through until u kill truth. then i suggest killing all the flood first, then you have to jump through the rings in a certain order. with 1 being the first one you see when you enter the hallway and 7 being the one closest to truth

    4 5 6 5 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 2 7 2 1 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    that is the sequence, look at my gamer tag if you dont believe me. “Killer Flax” no qoutes. my recent achievments getting the IWHBYD skull.

  288. it says to get the were in for some chop acheivment to unlock the scout sholders, and i did this but i didnt get the shoulders, why not?

  289. WOOT!!!!!!! i just got all 13 skulls today. i have full hayabusa so it does work.

  290. “Okay. This is confirmed…. Fact: The Hayabusa chest is unlocked after finding 6 skull. The shoulders are after 9. The head after 13. To confirm for yourself, go to Gamespot.com. They are never wrong.” ‘Ethan’

    Well, they are wrong this time, actually. I unlocked the Hayabusa armor just last night, check my service record, and achievements to see proof. I have maybe, 3 Skulls, yet I have the Chest piece. Xenolithium is my gamertag.

    The way you get the chest, is you find the Cowbell Skull on the Ark, just after you destroy the scarab. Find a Gravity Lift in the building in the middle of the field. Then head through the level more, when you first arrive at the Stairs, there will be at least 5 levels you can use the grav lift to jump to. The top level has the Cowbell Skull, THAT unlocks the Chest Piece. Like I said, check my service record, and achivements….you’ll see me wearing the Hayabusa armor, and having only found 3-4 of the achievement skulls. =)

    Gamespot.com has been wrong before, they claimed to give you a 100% walkthrough getting everything on Bioshock, yet, they didn’t tell you where to find all of the Weapon Upgrade stations. They didn’t even know you needed to keep the one guy alive, to find his secret room later.

  291. hey dude um i really don’t get the first part u wrote about the covenent level about the rings u have to jump.the u jump on them before the flood turns on u or after and if so then how or which energy bridge?i’m very confused please reply!

  292. ‘Helmed Horror, on September 29th, 2007 at Said:
    also, once you go through those rings and pick up the skull. finish the level THEN save and quit.’

    I learnt this the hard way. ^^

  293. yes i just got hayabusa armor OYEA 13 skulls baby

  294. but…. it was in my older brothers account so he has it and i dont…

  295. and he didn’t do any of the work

  296. […] Halo 3: Where is my Hayabusa armor!? « The Xbox Domain A quick guide to how you unlock all the other bits of armor in Halo 3. (tags: halo3 games tips hints) […]

  297. does anyone know how to get the sholder plaits if anyone knows would they plz let me know

  298. to get the armor u have 2 get EVERY skull in the game gld and silver and then u got it

  299. I was supposed to unlock the Scout shoulder pieces, by blowing up a banshee with the missile pod.

    It didn’t work, and now I’m a little angry. If you can help me, my xbox live account name is lord despair.


  301. Ahh I thought you jumped through the rings BEFORE truth dies. Well that was a lot of time wasted. Hayabusa Helm here I come!

  302. hey, i’ve got full hayabusa armor.

    after you kill the prophet of truth in the level “covenant” kill all the flood but do not end the level.

    the rings are given numbers 1-7, 7 being the one closest to the prophet.

    when you jump through the rings, face towards where the prophet is. the order is 1346754654534.

    if you did it right, the rings will glow, and the skull will appear at the edge of the light bridge

  303. Hey i got all the skulls and i got full Hayabusa =D
    just look at my pics

  304. The right order to get the skull is as listed
    1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4
    the rings will light in a linear order heres the site i got it from and it works i have it and will be online tomarrow as ChubChubLazyBoy add me if u can but i think my list is full heres the site

  305. p.s. it is on the light brige stuck to the bottem u can’t see it but if u crouch and hold rb u’ll get it


  306. i have everything Hayabusa … its nothing special im missing the one helmet i want it has a sword on the back of it and idk how to get it does anyone know how to get that helmet if so add me please ill boost ur rank up or something NiTeIVIaReZ

  307. You get the sword on your back if you get all 1000 achievement points for halo3

  308. i would like to add to getting the IWHBYD skull i found a site that has it and the site is: http://flamesoffeenix.wordpress.com/2007/09/27/halo-3-skull-locations/

    someone had commented on that site with a different but shorter sequence that does work and here is the comment from that person “”that sequence is much too long you can use 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 and it works, i’ve heard possibly shorter too, but haven’t tried. you don’t have to get all the other skulls to get IWHBYD i got it before the Cowbell skull. very glad to hear the skull has finally been found and am enjoying the hayabusa

    Comment by jag off 09.29.07 @ 8:04 pm “” hope this helps the people that havnt gotten that skull

  309. u need all the skulls!!!!!!! gold and silver. just go to bungie.net
    type in Halo 3 armor on the search and click on hayubasa or whatever and it tells u how to get all of it.

  310. Go to: digg.com type in: Halo 3 armor in the search box, and it click on the hayubasa forum thing, then it tell u how to get all parts of the armor

  311. to get the IWHBYD skull u do not need to get all the other skulls first i only had 7 of the skulls when i got the IWHBYD skull so that right there is proof that u dont need all skulls to get it

  312. I have the entire Hayabusa suit, and here’s proof:


    all you have to do is to:
    Torso: collect 5 skulls
    Shoulders: collect 9 skulls
    Helmet: collect all 13 skulls
    just letting people know how to get it plain and simple, info only.
    (To find a walkthrough for the IWHBYD skull, just look around on this page. You’ll find super simple versions on what to do. )

  313. There is an easier order to go jumping threw the rings. It is a lot shorter and a lot lot faster. It goes…


  314. Sorry actually I forgot you only have to do like half of what i just posted. You can just do 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

  315. ok so wat u mean earn 750 gamerscore does that mean get 750 gamerscore off the acheivements from halo 3 cause im over 750 gamerscore and i didnt get the armor soooo yea comment bak?

  316. i’ve gotten the “Spartan Graduate” Achievement the “UNSC Spartan” Achievement and the “Spartan Graduate” Achievement but i haven’t gotten any of the acheivments, anyone know whats up with this?

  317. EDIT: i’ve gotten the “Spartan Graduate” Achievement the “UNSC Spartan” Achievement and the “Spartan Graduate” Achievement but i haven’t gotten any of the ***helmets***, anyone know whats up with this?

  318. yea either give it awhile or connect to internet cause mine did the same thing to *besides those acheivements*so yea hope i helped=/

  319. To get the Hayabusa armor you have to get all 13 skulls to get the head, chest, and arms.

  320. halo 3 is my first halo game so i am clueless as to what i do with the skulls when i find them. i have picked the first one up but do i have to put it in my second weapon or finish the round with it in my hand or what.

  321. beat the game on normal if u want to get something. when u deactivate the last defense tower (i think), shoot off the turret on the covenant drop ship. that gives you the “used car-salesmen” achivement. its so easy.

  322. I have the full hayabusa armour it was easy to get just find all the skulls.

  323. p.s.
    Skippy101 is my xbox live account name.
    I’ll empty a few friend slots for people who want me to show where 11 of the skulls are and who want to see my hayabusa armour.

  324. I’ll be on later at about 6:00 on Monday see ya then.

  325. whoops 6:00 p.m.

  326. i have the hayabusa arms and chest and have 9 gold skulls, do u need the other 4 silver skulls to get the head or just 1? ie the ring jumping sequence?

  327. U get the hayabusa armor by gettin all the skullz in the game.

  328. U get all the Hatabusa helmet by collecting all the skulls and chest and arms buy collecting certin amouts of skulls

  329. some people are just noobs just play the game and u will get all the skulls

  330. If anyone wants to play some rumble pit-social later around 4-5 P.M. American Central add me GAmer Tag – Kunushi

  331. I got all the skulls last night it was easy

  332. I know where all the skulls are, if anyone wants to run through the levels with me tonight add me.

  333. i have the all the hayabusa armor so what where are my scout shoulder pads?

  334. Halo3planet.com

    has all the skull locations and teminal locations.

    now does anyone know how to get the scout shoulders? i got the “We’re in for some Chop” Achievement but i didnt get the armor.

  335. Hayabusa armor comes from obtaining all the skulls. All 13. Not too hard. Guides are everywhere.

  336. The last skull “i would have been you daddy” has to do with a code pattern of the Halo Rings in the last level! http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/15031
    this video should help you guys out =D

  337. samuel, the first one you found wont get you an acheivment, not all do, but it will help you get the samuri armor, just pick it up and you have it, then you can drop it.

  338. Flax you are such an idiot there are no acheivements for silver skulls l2p

  339. Wow, way to not mess around on finding out about that last skull- looking through code!

  340. If any body is looking for the i wouldve been your daddy skull, u have to jump through the rings in the certain order. But make sure u jump i mean actually jump over the bottom end then it counts. I had to do it like three times till i finally got it. And when your done look at the bridge at truths body and its around there. I dnt kno the order of the rings i googled it and got it from some website. Can anyone help me find the Cowbell skull, Tilt skull, and the Catch skull, those are the difficult ones for me.

  341. can anyone help me find the catch skull it’s not appearing on normal hard or legendary

  342. I got the “we’re in for some chop” achievement but it didnt give me the shoulders. Wut do I have to do?




  346. u only need to jump through rings 4, 6, 5, 4, 5, 3, 4. trust me i tried it it works. you have to start at the beginning of the level. and it has to be on any level but easy after u kill the flood in the room after truth dies.

  347. J3ST3R 125 said: “I got the “we’re in for some chop” achievement but it didnt give me the shoulders. Wut do I have to do?”

    You need to get the mongoose mowdown achievement for the scout shoulders…

  348. To clarify about the sounds, each Halo makes a different sound when you jump through it, apparently these notes can make up the halo theme (the chanting one not the rock one).

    Just thought I’d share.

  349. you need all the skulls to get the armour and to get the used car salesman achievment all i did was destroy the turret of one of the alien dropships on the level crows nest

  350. umm ok just wonderin i was doing the IWHBYD skull and got bored of playing the game for way too many hours on end and saved about 3 minutes before the magical room with the skull
    and quit and saved
    can i continue it or do i gotta start at the beggining again
    i started at the beginning before i saved it
    so ya
    helps always nice

  351. i got the IWHBYD skull but after i saved and quit it wasnt in my skull screen

  352. Sorry I Hate Noobs, but you have to start from the start of the level to get the skull. Also, you need to finish the level with the skull. Maybe, not, but that’s what I did.

  353. What lvl do you have play to get the skulls?

  354. (lvl of difficulty)

  355. What lvl of difficulty?

  356. normal

  357. No you have to start from the beggining

    sorry man that hapend to me too but remember you can do it on normal and stile get the skull
    its not that bad

  358. Hey this is how you get the skull and it worked for me here is a link (I am not sure if links are allowed so I put a “$” in it just before “com” just delete that) http://www.halo3planet.$com/halo-3-skull-locations/iwhbyd-skull/

  359. does it matter what difficulty it is on to find the skullz?

  360. #
    Imorhi, on September 29th, 2007 at Said:

    I got the “We’re in for some chop” achievement and still no scout shoulder pads =[

    hey, i got the scout shoulder pads by unlocking the (something that starts with “m”) mongosse achivement

  361. how do u get the EOB helmet???????

  362. Hey anyone know how to get the EOB armor

  363. so every one is wondering where the sequence for the IWHBYD skull comes from…@ 8:30 am on the 25 of Sept 2007 i found it… and the reason I did is: I played halo 1 and 2 before I went and stood in line for H3 @ 9:30pm on the 24 and as I was playing the other games….I realized there was some RANDOM odd things in the game..like random numbers ranging from 1-7 now I wrote them down as I saw them while I was playing H3 on legendary looking for the skulls cuz i thought that is what you hhad to do. find out later it is normal or higher LOL well when I saw the numbers AGAIN in the terminals I knew it had to do with somthing in H3 so I wrote down those numbers and when I got to after the death of trueth I saw the 7 rings and decided to expaiment….it took me 2 hrs total to figure out the pattern and after I looked at the number sequence and turned the corisponding numbers into notes I plugged the numbers and music score for the opening credits in and VOILA there you have the number combo…(I am a music buff and happend to have the score near by and looked @ it and it was like….hmmmmm would they have??? noo….might as well try…they did)…..lol as some one said earier I felt like I had a slap in the face….and the “bitch” skull as I call it LOL the IWHBYD skull is rather hilarious it gives new diolouge.

    ALSO I decided to try somthing crazy…… I put all the skulls on minus the blind skull I figured it was only the gold skulls but I like the other 3 and on legendary played h3 beat it and waited after the credits….it had the normal bonus ending and then after it there was more….not much more….but I believe bungie did that so they could have an escape….personally I DO NOT think they have stopped making Halo games…yah I heard about halo wars but I believe that will be a back story…..but….the way they ended it makes me believe they could very well make A H4 or proceede in this demension of Halo…but they also did it in a way that we the fans can do with it what we want.
    so go be insane as I am…I had help I did it with my bro co op and have not nesecerily a good driver but a crazy one. that is the only way you will live. have fun with that…..i didn’t LOL

    and now I bid thee fair well….
    I am also looking for armor, but the only armor I am UNABLE to get is the bull ones that you have to get online…..I personally think that was a rude move on bungie yes….any way
    love the game going to go and expairiment again some more…or sleep….no…must play halo…..lol
    hope I helped…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  364. oright guys i no how to get the samuria armour you have to unlock all the skulls.whats cool is that say after you unlock four youll get the shoulder pieces then after anther few maybe the body pices but the last skull the iwiwhbyd skull is supposed to give you the head set but for some reason when i unlocked it jumping through the rings i grabbed the skull but it didnt give me the achivment or the skull in my collected skulls list so ill never be able to get it now because you cant get a skull 2 times. any way when you get the skull all the rings will satrt flashing but dote get the skull yet wait abit to seee if you get the achivment then go grab it.its behind the bridge anyway ok cheers

  365. also halo wars isnt suppose to be a sequel or prequel to halo 3 its nothing to do with the actual halo trilogy its just a cool rts halo game they decided to make.

  366. seb, there is no achievement for iwhbyd skull

  367. you can pick up a skull twice ive have on co op more than once to help my friends get the achievements

  368. i have all the skulls and i agree the iwhbyd skull would have been impossible to fide if some 1 at bungi hadent of leeked it now the number code up top is to bit i did it useing another one from halo3planet.com the ppl how aprently found it first now jump throw the rings 1 is the closest to where u enter 4 is half redish in some places and 7 is the one closet to the prophet jump throw in this order 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 and then the rings will strt to flash “Note. you must kill the profit first and u should also kill the flood so there are no interputions then procied to the laser brige and there it is the iwhbyd skull ezy!


  370. A friend of mine and I unlocked the Hayabusa helmet last night. It is done by retrieving all 13 skulls in the game. My gamertag is TheLutheran and feel free to look me up on xbox live if you want to see what the full suit looks like in the game. I’m always online in the evening.

    Also, many websites are starting to confirm that you only need to jump through the last seven rings in order to unlock the IWHBYD skull. We did it with the last thirteen numbers.

  371. to get the entire Hayabusa armor you need to get all 13 skulls, collect 6 you get the body, 9 you get the shoulders, then after you collect 12 you can then and only then go to the end of Covenent and jump through the rings in the numberic order, the skull will appear on the bridge and the rings will be flashing, finish the level with skull in hand, and the hayabusa head armor is yours with the 13 and final skull.

  372. to get the body peice of the “samuri” suit u need to get 6 skulls. To get the shoulders u need 9 skulls. and for the helmet u need all 13 skulls.

  373. dude halo wars isn’t just going to be a funrts halo game they have decided to make it may not follow the story of the triliogy but it will DEFINATLY explain some things in it….cuz if it doesn’t um why call it Halo any thing??/ they could just go back with there original name red somthing or another by calling it Halo wars and having bungie create it and not a fan or some one else tells me they things in mind with the trilliogy like I said explaining a few things.

    has ANYONE beaten the game on legendary and with all the gold skulls activated and seen the extra ending I was telling ya’ll about?? also there are little hints through out the game on how they will tie in these games with anything that they make next that is in the “halo” realm.

  374. it may not happen but it would be video game suicide if bungie doesn’t……and they can say bye bye to world domination…..if Halo wars Has NOTHING to do with the games that started it, they better not call it halo anything it will only piss of the ones who truely care about the over all story line. and I WANNA KNOW IF MY HYPOTHISIS IS CORRECT ON WHAT THE FRELL THE THING BEHIND THE PLANET IS…..it think I know….but….that would just royally suck the world. LOL
    ok game time….
    zzzzzz*plays insleep*zzzzz ENIMEE GERNADE HOORAY!!!
    I could do this all DAY wooo
    I like it when he kills the bad guys
    I like it when he kills the bad guys

  375. There is one more secret body part for Spartans:
    Get all 1000 gamerpoints and you get the hayabusa chestplate but now theres a katana on your back.

  376. The Hayabusa armor is unlocked by getting all of the skulls found. For the shoulders you need 6 skulls, 9 for the chest and 13 for the helmet. There is a total of 13 skulls to be found in Halo 3.

  377. Gettin the needler acheivment DOES NOT get u the hayabusa chest armor………once u obtain 5 skulls u get the chest…9 skulls for shoulders. 13 for helm

  378. lol alot of good information here is some more halo 3 unlockables http://www.gamecheats.eu/xbox360-cheats/halo-3-cheats.html

  379. i have the hayabusa armor and i will tell you how to get it,, you have to get all 13 skulls in campaign,, i found the locations of these skulls off videos from youtube.. i did one by one,,, note that 3 of the skulls u would get dont give achievments.. one of the toughest oens to get is the “i would have been your daddy” skull.. you get it on the map “the covenent” where the prophet of truth dies… there are 7 halo rings.. you have to jump thorugh them in a specific order to get the skulll.. once you have done that, the rings will light up and the skull will appear near the plasma bridge that leads to the prophet (or where he died)

  380. you only need to do 4654534 on the rings… so dont waste time

  381. thanks hackfire night.
    ur the man!

  382. Y is it dat 4 da elite armor y dnt u get to be the arbiter cause i think it will get used more den

  383. hey you got the commander shoulder armor for elites wrong, I’ve gotten a few killing frenzy’s but I DONT HAVE IT YET!!!

  384. the xbox 360 is a little …. messed up. You may have gotten “killing frenzy”s but the xbox didn’t see that you did… its like in gears of war … that 10,000 kill achievement usually takes 10,100 to 11,000 kills to get it. same with your armor… just keep getting the K.F.’s and keep checking and you’ll get it sooner or later.

  385. (sorry for double post)/ edit: sorry i miss spoke the 360 saw that you got a K.F. but didn’t recognize it as an achievement/ armor unlocker.

  386. DUDE! its so easy to get the Hayabusa head, almost evreryone on live has it! even me!

  387. Does anyne know anything about that unknown armour?1

  388. to unlock the armor you only need to jump through in this order “4654534”

  389. I figured out you only needed the last 7 numbers of the sequence when i messed it up on the 8th to last one but kept going anyway, and i still got it

  390. u get the Hayabusa armor from gettin all the skulls

  391. i found all 13th skulls on halopedia, it has them list and ( i do mean all of them), also if u cant find it, use youtube to get hint and bits to find the skulls you need. so good hunting and good luck to you all ^_^

  392. Sounds good, I’m gonna check it out over at my friends house.

  393. ‘Cause my 360 got the Red Ring of Death, and its in for repairs =[

  394. I have the killing frenzy achievement but i dont have the commando shoulder piece. Anyone know what’s up.

  395. I got all the hayabusa armor to get it you need every skull!

  396. Yea man I still don’t have that damn Commando shoulder piece wtf! Pissing me off! Anyone else have any info on this issue.

  397. http://www.halo3planet.com/halo-3-skull-locations/iwhbyd-skull/

    i just fucking saved your life

  398. […] explanation of the Halo 3 armor you can use to customize your character, as well how to get them; Halo 3: Where is my Hayabusa armor!? The Xbox Domain Anyone else feeling that the Elites were treated quite […]

  399. I have all the Hayabusa Armor (including the head piece) Getting the IWHBYD Skull wasn’t that hard. You have to jump through a certain combination of the rings at the end of “The Covenant” mission. I don’t remember the combination off hand as a friend was reading it off to me. I believe he got the combo from Halo3planet.net (.com?). Had videos and a walk through for every Skull.

  400. is there anything i can do to greaten my odds of getting the Asectic head? its all i need to complete my elite.

  401. you guys are all freaking retards

    you get the hayabusa armor head by collecting ALL the skulls

    yes, including gold AND silver

    but you do NOT need the Unknown skull though

    and to think. i’m only 13 and i just proved everyone wrong :]

  402. i have all the skulls the 9 gold ones and the 4 silver ones and i dont have the hayabusa helmet i have the armour but just not the helmet. I did the ring thing and picked up the skull and everything like with all the other skulls. i dont no what i did wrong? Can someone please help me? Also i cant find the screen which shows you all the skulls you have but i no i got all of them.

  403. I now have 755 Gamerscore and no Security Shoulders. Anybody else know anything on this one?

  404. to unlock the armor just claim all the hidden skulls all 9 gold and all 4 silver skulls you will have the hayabusa armor

  405. to get the hayabusa you need all skull skulls … did you beat the game yet?

  406. to:Koreankid329

    im 11 you dork im one of the dam team to found the dam thing
    i was in the first group you dick

  407. to the fag:Koreankid329
    plus i have all the hayabusa and mark v…. they look so sweet

  408. yes on easy and normal

  409. to unlock hayabusa armor you have to find all the skulls

  410. and how do you get to the screen that shows you all your skulls?

  411. i got the shoulder pieces and cheast piece but i dident bet the hyiabosa helmeeet wat the hell

  412. Dylan you press x on the campain screen

  413. ok i will try that but right now im getting the last skull again but holding on to it till i beat the level

  414. how do i get an overkill

  415. you need ALL the skulls for the hayabusa, ALL 13 skulls

  416. k it worked i got the helmet thanks a lot 🙂

  417. Hey everybody why are we still arguing about this shit, it’s already been said you need ALL 13 skulls to get all the hayabusa armor pieces. I’ve done it, it works, easiest armor set to get. If it didn’t get it talk to bungie.

  418. I am surprised this is so confusing, it’s not that hard to get the armor. Get the previous 12 skulls THEN get the IWHBYD skull. If you get the IWHBYD skull before you get the other 12, you will only get the armor and the skull will disappear. I don’t know about the difficulty settings but I’d go on normal just in case.

  419. Where is my dam commando shoulders? I have the killing frenzy achievement.

  420. go to highimpacthalo to get all the info on all the skulls ive gotten them all even the iwhbyd witch is a pain to get but it is very well hidden ps u have to jump through the halos on the covenant in a certain order

  421. i just got all but helmet i have all but one skull (bottom left/silver) i think thats how i got it

  422. san ur a lier, u need alol because the armor is not based on what skull, but how many, since my first skull was iwhbyd and i had nothing yet so stfu. also someone was talking about a h4, gtfo. bungie annouced (with emphesis) it was a TRILOGY meaning 3, and yes halo:combat evoled counts as number 1. hence halo 2 and 3 have no title other then halo2 and halo3, since halo1 just sounds dumb for a title

  423. How do you get the EOB Head Piece

  424. Anyone know if u have to actually complete the level with the silver skulls to have them saved?
    I have all but the IWHBYD skull which im getting now, but I dont know if you have to complete the level with it or not?

    Can someone who has it already help?

  425. The chest of the hayabusa is gotten by getting 5 skulls and the shoulders are done by getting all silver skulls and the helmet is done by getting all skulls.. theres also a samurai sword which you get when you do all of the achievements..

    i have the whole hayabusa getup besides the sword which would be a complete waste of time to me.. happy hunting

  426. i did it once without finishing the level and for some reason it didnt work.. the second time i made sure to carry it as i was leaving the level because when i did it the first time and i looked at the screen with all the skulls it was still missing.. so finish the level with the skull in hand jic

  427. you no the skull in the first area of the storm and the skull is suposed to be on the top but you can’t kill the wraiths when i do it it is not there any reasons to why not ??????

  428. Hey, you have to find all the skulls, i know were all of them are and i have the armor, but i am looking for is the E.O.B armor… i beat the game on all difficulty’s and i dont know how to get it, if you want help getting the skulls send me a email and i would be glad to help out

  429. O my Email is Metalmoura@yahoo.com

  430. Hey I can’t get the god damn Scout helmet, I mean I have almost everything else and I know I’ve Killed an Enemy vechicle with three guys in it on Campaign. I think I’ve done it like 4 or 5 times now. Does it have to be EXACTLY 3 and if so on what map is it the easiest to do?


  431. I think you have some of the prereqs wrong for the armour pieces. Specifically the rouge head. I am only a sergeant, yet i have the rouge helemet. I also have 8 skill points and 30+ exp, but don’t have access to the ODST helmet.

  432. Hey everyone, does anyone know how you get the EOB armour set, iv been told you cant actually get it but im not sure, even tho i hav all chest armour sets unlocked on my profile, its confusing me

  433. i got the kill 3 enemies and there vehicle by seer luck, i just happened to kill a phantom with 3 ppl on it at the time, cos the only other time i hav tried for it is the Brute Prowlers but they dont get destroyed in one rocket bnut the brutes do, im not sure if i got it through a glitch or what but i got it on campaign

  434. iv also just herd that the EOB armor is only availiable to certain ppl, the ones who worked on halo3 in Bungie and that, so it probably stands for Employey of bungie of summink 😛

  435. you get the ninja armor from finding all 13 hidden skulls in the game
    you get peices of the armor at 3 and 9 but to get all the ninja armor you must get all 13 skulls

  436. d00d to get the hayabusa armor all you have to
    do is get all the Gold and Silver Skulls. welcome 😀

  437. dude u only need to jump throughj rings like this!
    1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4
    u dont need the first bit

  438. Hey i have full hayabusa and you have to find evry skull in the game gold and silver

  439. i have the hayabusa chest and guess wut guys? u get it from getting the tough luck skull! dur!

  440. the helm is gotten from the IWHBYD skull (found on the covenant jumping thru rings)

    ps:silver skull

  441. I have gotten all the skulls that give you achievments and a few others. I have all the hayabusa armor except the head piece but some of you have it and i have more achievments so i dont know why i dont have it yet

  442. i have found all the skulls except the 3, 4, 6 all of them r reali easy 2 find i know where they all r n stuuf its gettin to them sumtimes is hard and the EOB armor is only to bungie people lol but rumour is the might put a download to get it

  443. this is an easier ring sequence

    4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    damn u guys posted llllloooooonnnnngggg ones!!! xDDDDD

  444. u all suck this is my first halo game ever and ive done loads of it now lol here is sum help 4 all u noobs

  445. also click the bits down the side of the page there is loads of armor info

  446. yay i have all of the Hayabussa armor – all you have to do is collect all of the skulls to get the complete set.

  447. go to http://www.halo3planet.com/halo-3-skull-locations/
    they show how to collect all of the skulls

  448. to gt the hyabusa helmet jst unlock all the skulls and the ring jumping sequence skull your r all idiots you only have to do the last 7 digits which are 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

  449. and the hyabusa helmet looks shit n e way dunno y ur all gettin a boner over it

  450. if u get the iwhbyd do u get any armor or do u have to get all skulls?

    and can someone send me a guide plz?? thx!!

  451. TO get the samari armor u need to get all the skulls gold and silver so u get the whole thing. thats why the silver skulls arent achievments

    Hope that helps 😀

  452. can u get the helmet just getting the iwhbyd?

  453. rampid squuirrel, you are the moron, you aren’t the first, or even the second person to post the seven digits. Dumb a$$

  454. The Hayabusa armor is gained by obtaining all gold skulls and the Hayabusa Helmet is obtained by getting all the skulls. And you can now find how to get all the skulls pretty much anywhere online now. Good luck gents!

  455. Also if you get 1000 gamer points for this game you will unlock a katana for display on the back of your hayabusa armour

  456. The last armor is the kantana sword body piece , looks just like that hybusa but with a kantana . I have it so add me or view my stats if you wish .

  457. WTF you guys are still talking about this! It was confirmed like 50 posts ago how to get the hayabusa armor. If people are too stupid to figure it out then stop wasting your time, and help me please. and Chaos. We both don’t have the Elite Commando shoulder armor, and we both have the killing frenzy achievement, actually I’ve gotten a killing frenzy like 6 times since. Why do I not have this armor. Please help someone! Anyone…

  458. i just got the hayabusa armor, its so easy!

  459. you dont even have to finish the lvls just save and quit after you get the skull, except for the IWHBYD skull, that one you have to finish the lvl

  460. the iwhbyd skull is at:The Skull is located in the level, “The Covenant”. After defeating the Scarabs, and going inside, get to the location with all 7 Ring Holograms. You must jump through the rings in a specific order. That order is as follows (1 is at the entrance, 7 is at the end):

    4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    These rings also produce the notes:

    E G F# E F# D E

    np now go have your armor noobz

  461. Haha the iwhbyd skull was easy and nowi have the hayabusa armor and now im trying to get eod,mark v, and seucrity the easy one but send me a friend request on xbox live my names mips1devin

  462. i got the hayabusa body armor and im getting all skulls ecept i cant get the cowbell skull?..help plz?

  463. you get the hayabusa chest plate when you find 3 skulls, the shoulders when you find 7 skulls and the head peice when you find all 13

  464. BTW heres how it works the IWHBYD skull you only need the last like 7 numbers i believe (o bungies obsession). Also the Hayabusha helmet is unlocked for ALL SKULLS. The other Hayabusha stuff is finding the 9 GOLD skulls. Just to clear up any confusion.

  465. ok we understand how to get the helm but how do u get an overkill

  466. I need help unlocking armor for (halo 3)

  467. You get the hayabusa armor by getting skulls. You get the helm after you get all of the skulls.

  468. when you say “Destroy an enemy vehicle with a piece of equipment” does that mean kill them with a exploding barrel?
    oh and answer to: halo3 “how do u get an overkill”

    you kill 4 people 4 seconds between each other on a free for all ranked game

  469. you have to use a trip mine, as in any equipment including trip mines, grav lifts, etc. Do this on Tsavo highway level when you encounter the covenent dropship, several choppers, and a wraith. Get the fuel rod from a brute and a trip mine from one of the supply hut things. Shoot a chopper 2 times with the fuel rod and set the trip mine so it will run over it. Do this on normal, because i tried it on easy and I didnt get the armor.

  470. i did it nutfing happend help??

  471. To get the IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull) you only need to jump through the rings in this order: 4654534..

  472. god all u idiots need 2 read these posts read these NOW
    http://www.halo3planet.com/halo-3-skull-locations right got them all now so QUIT TALKIN CRAP AND 4GET BOUT ALL THE SKULLS there easy once u learn to read

  473. k uhhhhh you guys are actually kinda dumb because 6 skulls gives ya hayabusa chest 8,9 or 10 skulls gives ya da shoulders and get ALL the skulls for the helmet i of course have full hayabusa (= im so happy =D

  474. Ok i have the Samurai armor and id like to let you know for the halo ring skull you only have to jump through rings in this order all other r pointless
    4 6 5 4 5 3 4
    note i have all of hayabusa and every skull(as is required) and its not to hard to find this armor

    oh and armor unknow001 is bungie/hand picked players only

  475. ok to get sam armor you have to have all thirteen skulls(including the IWHBYD skull). but when getting the last skull you only have to do the last seven digits and you have to be looking towards the giant window(the one where the prophet if killed at) and then when you do that the rings will light up and then it will spawn back at the bridge. oh and when your doing it the ring closest to the Elevator thing(the lift you use to get into the room) is the first one.gl

  476. Ive got the “used car salesman” achievement, but it hasnt unlocked the scout head. anyone kniow what i can do?

  477. id just like to point out with the the security shoulderpads you need

    750gp PLUS marathon man achievement unlocked

    p.s if you get all skulls and 1000gp you unlock a katana you can wear (CANNOT USE)

  478. i have the used car salesman achievement but i havent unlocked the scout head. Anyone know whats wrong?

  479. how do you hit something with equipment?

  480. nvm

  481. i did the iwhbyd skull lots of times but nothing happens..no skull.

    do u have the watch video or something?

  482. I have full Hayabusa armour. It is related to the skulls, if you get them all you get the Hayabusa armour. It isn’t related to the fear the pink mist achievement, as I got all the Hayabusa armour last week, and only got the fear the pink mist achievment yesterday.
    If you want to find me, my gamertag is BaHalen

  483. you need to get all skulls including the iwbyd or whatever.if you need to know how to get the iwbyd skull its all over you tube,and if your wondering what it does i unlock little used dialog amonst the ai’s happy hunting =]

  484. Does any 1 kno how to get the scout shoulders? igot the we are in for some chop acheivment, but it did not give it 2 me

  485. what are terminals? i got to the seargent ranking and i don’t have the mark V head. whats up with the armor?

  486. i was 1st to reveal it most likely so um…..wudafux how meny skullz is foo the plate

  487. the headpiece for the Hayabusa armor is easy, hence on reching the last part on the Level Covenant, when u find the profit dead and all those blue rings going down the hall, kill all the brutes and then kill all of the flood on the second part so its easy too do. you have to jump thru the rings in this order which is the shortend version but it works. the order is 4654534 and there is 7 rings, 1 being at the beggining where u first come in and 7 closest to the profit. after jumping thru the rings u go to the light bridge near the profit, after getting this finish the level which takes 2 more minutes.

  488. —————————–

    id just like to point out with the the security shoulderpads you need

    750gp PLUS marathon man achievement unlocked


    No, I have both 810 gp and marathon man achievement and I have not gotten the security shoulderpads.

  489. i cant get my helmet…. my game is glitched and the catch skull does not pop up. so i guess i will have to borrow my friends game, right?

  490. no you have to start from the begging of the level for skulls (That is if you havent already)

  491. what does it mean to get 1000 gamer points to get Security head because I got the shoulders with only 450 gp points on halo but i have 4000 in total so 1000 gamer points from what?

  492. Russ11111 it means get 1000 halo 3 gamer points

  493. i got all three halos im RICH JAMES *#@% lol losers

  494. you know if you get 6 skulls you get body, 9 is arms, and 13 is helmet, and i have it, and on level 7 after killing the prophet, and the flood, then jump through the rings in a certain order to pick it up

  495. the Hayabusa armor is’nt hard to get, just find all 13 skulls. I have it myself, nothing else is neccissary.

  496. Guys! I found out at halo3planet(dot)com and it says the EOB(actually recon) helmet and the FLAMING hayabusa helmet belongs only to bungie team members

  497. Hey That EOB Armor how do you get it and some fo the ways to unlocks things are wrong I think… I would have been your daddy skull is easy to get by the way it just takes patients and overything…

  498. i have most of the skulls how do u get tthe last one

  499. Ohh please,to unlock the hayabusa helm,you must find all 13 skulls.To find the IWHBYD skull,you must jump through the rings on the level the Covenet ,After dealing with truth and the flood in the following order:1 3 4 6 7 5 4 5 3 4 ring 1 being the closest to the entrance/exit and 7 being closest to truth.If done correctly,the rings will flash, and the skull wiil appear on the bridge leading to truth.FINISH THE LEVEL OR YOU WILL NOT UNLOCK THE SKULL!finish the flood off first,and move near the exit to get a check point if you mess up,simply revert to last save.

  500. If any one has questions on the skulls,do what I did: use you tube!

  501. On that picture, the Scout has the CQB body armor. Scout has its own body piece.

  502. To get the IWHBYD skull you have to jump through the rings on the end of the level The Covenent in this order: 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4. To get the hayabusa helmet you have to get all skulls.

  503. where is the best place to get to close to the sun achievement or we’re in for some chop achievement?

  504. I have got the Hayabuse armor. to get it i unlocked all the skulls that are possile to get on halo 3. This is what i think. or I may have just fallen lucky with what i unlocked. Buy the way guys, IT IS AWESOME!

  505. to russ11111

    i got the “were in for some chop” achievement last night when i played on the level “tsavo highway”. go to checkpoint alpha and pick up the trip mine next to the overturned warthog and then go back to the part previous to it and use it on one of the brute choppers. i got it on the first try, but i think its a matter of a little luck.

  506. yo i have hayabusa full the all you need to do is find all 13 skulls

  507. Hey guys new armor to look for plz if anyone has the commando shoulders plz post its the only armor peice i do not have on halo3 the commando shoulders are for Elites and the rumor is that you need to beat it on Solo on the hardest difficulty in order to get the shoulders is this true or is this the new missing armor!?

  508. ske7ch works for bungie thats why he wont respond

  509. i have the hayabusa armor,to get it u need all the skulls,and i know were every skull is and how to get it.To get the Ninja Gaiden armor or also called as katana.You must get every achivement for halo 3.If you need help getin any more skulls then you can send me a meesage at my email.(littlekkman@yahoo.com)

  510. I’ve gotten almost every armor in the game i just need the head piece for eod and all the xbox live achievments so if u guys need any help with hayabusa armor or anything else just post a comment i check it everyday.


  511. In about a day i’m going to set up a msn thing so in about a day i will have it up and give msn name and every1 can add if they got questions with halo 3 =)


  512. russ11111,
    The best place is in the covanent when you have to drive the hornets in co-op have one person drive and you can sit on the side and have your freind fly close to one. You just have to keep the spartan laser from the begining of the level.
    P.S you have to have a steady hand aswell

  513. HEY EVERYONE! if you didnt already know the way to unlock the ninga armor is as follows

    You get the shoulders and body peices once you get a certain amount but if you get them all you get the head

    and EOB DOESNT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  515. Ok to get the Hayabusa helm go to


    and go to halo 3 ok and figure out how to iwhbyd

  516. Ima get xbox live this weekend any1 gimme gamertag? mines homesliceofpie.

  517. in order to get the haybusa armor all peices u need all silver and all gold skulls 6 skulls gets u the body 9 the arms 13 the head and the iwhbyd is not the harder its quite easy just get the code for jumping through the rings. then go to the bridge befor truth is dead pick it up and there u go its simple took me 3 hours to get every skull on heroic.dont have any skull on or campagn scoring.

  518. Are you guy’s so fucking stupid” Ooh i have a DOAZ2 save so i got the chestplate”WROOOOOOOONG. You get the chestplate from the skulls and the helmet also, just get all the skull’s. I found that out before this website found it out. DORKS

  519. And to that last guy, you can de it whenever you want to, truth can be dead or alive. I usually just kill everything there so i can do it in peace

  520. i have the whole hayabusa armor, even the head , its not all that tricky

  521. truth has to be dead first to do it

  522. I got all 49 achievements and all skulls but still dont have all the elite armor anyone know what i didnt do?

  523. i got the helmet, shoulders, and chest

    u have to jump through the rings in the same direction
    (towards the 7th ring)

    then if u have all the other skulls then u get the helmet

  524. ok i got the msn up and running so just add Halo_3_helper and i will be there to help whoever needs it

  525. Where wre the skulls, like do i pick them up as i go on campain

  526. i have 12/13 skulls, still need IWHBYD. but other than that i have all hayabusha armor, except the helmet. grrr..
    anyone who wants to play look my up….. JEFFYLIKEAPPLEZ

  527. dude thats all wrong! the only rings you need to jump through are:


    thatll give you the skull

    oh and DOAX2 isnt true

    AND……..the pink mist- hayabusa armor connection is false as well

    they have nothing to do with each other

    anyway glad i could help

  528. yea um like he said fear the pink mist doesn’t give the armor but i do have a question, do you have to start the mission from the beggining just to get the skulls. i found the first one(took long enough) it was finally there after i beat it from the begining without dieing. do you have to do all of them like that??

  529. Go to gamespot.com for the armour but a run down to hayabusa is that you need 6 skulls for the chest, 9 for the shoulder and all 13 for the head. To get Samurai you need ALL achievements (1000 gamerscore points)

  530. To get skulls, you MUST do it from start, but you can quit once you find it. Just go to Gamespot…trust me.

  531. there is a shorter code to do the rings. its about 4-7 numbers. look at youtube.com

    type in halo 3 skulls or something.

  532. well hell if i knew there was fucking skulls ida got em when i beat that shit on legendary

  533. wow,i cant wait to find the skulls……oh does ANYONE know if you can get the skulls in a co-op,and still get the armor aswell??thx,JJ.

  534. i have all parts of hyabusa uy need the 9 achieement skulls to get full hyabusa but i have all skulls on game even the IWHBYD its easy

  535. i have all the skulls the last skull is where you have to jump through the rings on covenant leval in a sertain order. you all need to find it because the head is sick

  536. wow you guys suck i have all the armour and i beat it on legendary so wat now you girls

  537. 😛 haha all i got hayabusa complete 😛 lol

  538. when you need help and when i have Xbox live again 😛 just add me to friend my gamertag signatoryrooloo 😛 i got al skulls so i would be able to help

  539. 🙂 😛 😦 😉 ( )( )
    ( ‘-‘ )

  540. halo 3 was a little to easy me and my friend are professional gamers and we beat it on legendary and got every skull in a little over 2 hours if u cant do that ur a noob

  541. halo 3 was a little to easy me and my friend are professional gamers and we beat it on legendary and got every skull in a little over 2 hours if u cant do that and get the hayabusa armor your a noob live name XxgamerforlifexX

  542. 4 – 6 – 7 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 5 – 3 – 4 Shot code don’t need all of the other long things^_^ 😉

  543. Hayabusa is actually easy =/ Well n00t 4every 1 but heres some h3lp=/ http://youtube.com/watch?v=XIE7I2OPgyA

  544. i call mother fucking bullshit on the IWHBYD skull

    first off the fucking rings doesnt make a damn noise, i jumped through the fucking rings and didnt see shit

    so looking at the top i went back to the energy bridge to get it
    you fall in the fucking blue shit hole and go on to the next mission and i cant start back

    i am definately not redoing that fucking shit

    someone get on live tonight and do it for me

    add boomz18

  545. My friend told me u could buy helmets on live. i dont have live so i cant verify this but im pretty damn sure you can’t. Is there a way to unlock all the armor without haveing to do all this shit? I don’t have live so it’s not fair!!!!!

  546. how u get catch skull is my game gliched or do u have to beat game on normal?

  547. Well, to get catch skull you just have to do some level on normal and find the skull, but u have to go to mission start first. and the hayabusa is after u get all skulls

  548. how do you unlock unkown 1armour?

  549. armor***

  550. armor*

  551. getting the iwhbyd skull is not hard o find its on the convanet to get it you have ot beat the flud and go in hte rings in order 1346754654534you have to start at the part were you go up to the room you are

  552. How many kills is a “killing Frenzy?”

  553. 10 kills is a killing frenzy

    and i finally got the damn iwhbyd skull after the 3rd try, and all u need is 4654534

    this is a decent guide for them, use it and your other halo skills to find the shit

    good guid here also has videos

  554. to get the hayabusa armor, you have to unlock all 13 skulls in campaign

  555. lol, im trying to get the scout armor..

  556. gamerforlife yeah u complete halo 3 on legendary 4 2 hours. well it takes about 30 minuets to complete a level

  557. I know how to get all the skulls its easy…. but i don’t have x box live so if you want t know ill tell you…..

  558. i have all the hayabusa armor pieces (yes even the helmet) All you have to do is get all 13 skulls thats it its easy done then said the iwhbyd skull is very easy to get just play the coven. lvl where you kill truth and jump in through the rings in a certain order witch is
    that simple and bam you got yourself the IWHBYD skull the rings are in order from 1-7 1 at the front of the room 7 at the back hopes this helps all you out there looking to get the Hayabusa armor when my xbox live is back working add me im Captain Ichigo.
    Happy hunting guys

  559. Do exactly what LovingMyHayabusaArmor said but you must first kill Truth and the flodd in order for it to work.

  560. ive got the 1000 gamerscore points but i dont have the security head peice

  561. I think 1000 gamerscore
    is one all of the achivments in the game ( not your overall gamerscore)
    and you get a katana when you get 1000 gamerscore for halo3
    the katana is for the Hayabusa

  562. you only need to put in 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 to get the last silver skull

  563. there’s a typo in my 2nd comment the sentence
    “The katana is for the hayabusa”
    it means you get a katana that can go on the hayabusa srry for any comfusion

  564. thanx oh and how do you get the hayabusa head peice

  565. To get IWHBYD, you only have to do the last 7 numbers in the sequence, and to get Hayabusa you need to get all of the skulls
    for the head, 9 for the body, and 6 for the shoulders. To get the Katana you have to unlock all of the acheivements. Hope that helped.

  566. ya im the best halo3 player in the world im a lutenit and i have hyabusa armour and all the other armour and almost done with all achievments

  567. ya

  568. STFU Kevin

  569. Collect all the skulls. All 13 will unlock the Samurai armor.

  570. i know people who have all the achievments how about that Kevin i have all but the xboxlive ones too

  571. dude you know you only have to do the order at the end of your excesivly long combo fir hyabusa
    4 6 5 4 5 3 4
    that how i did it and it is a whole lot easyer

  572. I only have 3 skulls and when i got the “we’re in for some chop” achievment it unlocked the hayabusa chest piece

  573. I have the whole hayabusa set

  574. damn its great to have all 1,000 points lol i love my security katana combo

  575. wow… anyone who doesnt have the ninja armor by now just plain sucks at halo… seriously.. its not that hard… and also anyone with the katana can lick my sac… i got it first not anyone of you suckas… =p whores =]]

  576. i have all the skulls its easy to get the last skull, I Would Have Been Your Daddy

  577. the requirments are as follows

    shoulder: collect 6 skulls
    body: collect 9 skulls
    head : collect all 13 skulls

  578. got lucky last night and got an overkill with 1 rocket

  579. for the body you need 5 gold skulls
    for the shoulders its 9 gold skulls
    and the head is all the skulls
    for the sword you have to complete the game on lengendary with all the skulls active

    i no this because i have a friend who has done it
    although the sword is rumour but thats wot ive gathered about the sword.

    thats how it works… i also proved this because i done it with a friend today and the help of the guy who has already done it

  580. I already have armour sadly im not going to tell u how 2 get it….. go 2 cheat planet……

  581. i know were EVERY skull is gold AND silver …..

    List of ALL gold skulls and ALL silver skulls…

    Iron… serra 117 directions:….

    OMG THIS WOULD TAKE FOR EVER so just go here


    there is the list of every skull there and there are youtube videos of how to do it!!!!! WOOT! THIS IS HOW I GOT ALL OF THE SKULLS AND THE HAYABUSA ARMOUR!!!!!

  582. The iwbyd skull is at the end of the covenant- go threw the rings in this order
    I have full hayabusa
    U do NOT need ANYTHING but all 13 gold/ silver skulls
    For info on other skulls go to youtube
    type in “halo 3 gold skulls”
    or “halo 3 silver skulls”

  583. […] images of the McFarlane toys have been released and you will be saying “Where is my Hayabusa Armor?” all over again. Five new Chiefs were announced and they look great. You may not want to wear the EVA […]

  584. […] images of the McFarlane toys have been released and you will be saying “Where is my Hayabusa Armor?” all over again. Five new Chiefs were announced and they look great. You may not want to wear the EVA […]

  585. I forgot to mention-you have to start from the start of the level and go threw the rings on any dificulty but easy, and you have to do it, AFTER the video near the end of the level.

  586. how do u get the katana thing

  587. you have to get 10000 gamer points or beat the game on legendary with EVERY skull on…


  589. i have all the skulls but i cant get three of them. i cant get the IWHBYD, cowbell or thunderstorm. can anyone help me, i want the hayabusa helmet

  590. how do u get the katana armor

  591. why do we need to have xbox live to unlock some achievments!!!! 😦 i hate it!!!!!!

  592. heyy ppl … im currently doing/nerly done legendary
    if any of you want to do the last two levels (cortana/halo)
    add me on live
    my GT is : jakmorse
    ty =]
    ps:i will also get you the skulls/ terminals on the levels

  593. halo: Why don’t you have a live gold enabled account? It’s not fair for those who don’t have it, but if you haven’t experienced Xbox Live then your seriously missing out on what the 360 truly has to offer. Think of it as having your computer without internet access.


  595. you have to jump through the rings to make it play the halo tune on the level where you kill the prophet of truth.

  596. I need hel pwith the last silver skull on the covenant level…. If you can help me plz add me . its R o S s 1724


  597. yeah i know how to get every hayabusa armor you gotta get the skulls you get different ones depending on how many skulls you have the helmet is the every one and the armor is 4 and the shoulders is 6 i think so i hope this helps

  598. easier way for the iwbyd skull which all the skull unlock the helmet is 4654534 counting 1 as closest to the elevator and 7 closet to the prophets stand, and do this after you kill the prophet and kill all the flood that betray you and i did on co-op and the person playing the arbiter had to jump through i just did today and confirmed it but start from the beginning of covenant and this will get you it after you kill the prophet and make sure not to touch the ring halogram this will screw it up so if you follow these and have all the other skulls then you should get the last and have the helmet

  599. hey ya’all you need to get all 13-14 skulls for the Hayabusa armor……the body is 5 skulls and the shoulders are 9 skulls ttyl

  600. oh and just to bragg i got full hyabusa in less than a day =D =D

  601. umm its easy to get full hayabusa in 1 hour and theres only 13 skulls

  602. to get the katana do have to beat EVERY level with all skulls on or just one specific level

  603. anyone who doesent no the way to get the
    Daddy Skull(IWHBYD) do covenant from the start on any difficulty but easy and go threw the rings AFTER truth is dead in this order: 1346 7546 54534

  604. If u need help to find skulls or terminals go to you tube

  605. yeah hayabusa armor is unlocked by getting all gold and silver skulls. make sure you get all silver skulls. it is not an achievemnet so dont freak out when u pick up the skull and nothing happens.

  606. and yes i have full hayabusa armor and my code is shorter you only need these last ones after the prophet is dead and jump through the same direction and do not touch the rings just do 4654534 and the rings should start lighting up and then go collect the skull by the bridge

  607. to get the haybusa helmet and stuff you have to get all of the skulls…. here is a good video that explains how to get the skulls.


    add me. gamertag: ii ttodd ii

  608. to get haybusa armour you need the gold skulls and silver skulls. the last silver skull is not hard people!
    Gamertag:deltaforcech,im a gunnery sergant

  609. to get kanta armour you need every acheivment.

  610. getting a kanta was easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  611. alright let me break it down

    i have unlocked all acheivments and i got everything. to get katana you have to get 1000 gamerscore points which means you have to get all acheivments. to get hayabusa you have to get every skull; doesnt matter what order you get them in. the IWHBYD skull is when you JUMP through the rings on the covenant level after killing the prophet. the order is 4654534. ring 1 is where you entered the room and ring 7 is the ring closest to where you killed the prophet. kill all the flood before attempting to get the skull. but while doing that DO NOT go through any of the rings. the “unknown armor” is actually called “rogue”. theres a rumor that only Bungi employees can get it. to get info or actually SEE or SHOW how to get armor just go to youtube. you guys are just making this more difficult than it acutally is.

  612. hey i just felt like answering a question i saw and to unlock the used car salesman achievement, an easy way to do it is during the cartographer once you get out of the room near the terminal, go to the crashed pelican, take the rocket launcher, and wait for some prowlers. they have up to 4 in them i think. (and usually have at least 3)

  613. I got the rogue helmet last night, dont know how but it looks cool

  614. this wbsite is crap!!!!!!

  615. AT the beginning of the page i found that u said the skull armor is hard to find, that is true but the skulls were easy for me. I found all the skulls on the first day halo 3 came out. And the scout should armor is not correct. You have to get mongoose mowdown(kill four people with a mongoose in a rank free for all playlist.)
    I hope that helps the people who have the We’re in for some Chop achievement. If u have any questions and/or want tips on finding armor, send a message to my live account ImBlackDeath. I will gladly help u.
    Hey Hey(ImBlackDeath)

  616. I’ll be on tomorrow, so send me questions and/or game invites and i will surely get back to u, also plz send a text message, my mike is getting screwed on voice messages. Thank You.

    Hey Hey(ImBlackDeath)

  617. what are terminals??? i became a seargent and i didnt get the arnor thats supposed to come with it. Can anyone explain that???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  618. Terminals are things that help u get info of the game and/or how it was made.
    And u have to become an office to get the armor not a seargent.(100xp or ranked lvl of 10)

  619. the IWHBYD skull is on covenant its ontop of a littl epsot on the top strucutre in the desert part. you have to gernade jump urself to there.. VERY HARD TO GET TOO. TOOK ME FOREVER.

  620. Iwhbyd the skull u are looking for, it is when u have to jump through the rings in a specific order. The order i have is only the last 7 notes, if u would like me to help ,plz send me a game invite and i will help asap


  621. You get that last hayabusa armor part by either getting all 13 skulls, or activating all 7 terminals. I know if you get all 7 terminals, it unlocks the marathon man achievement. the armor is linked to the IWHBYD skull, I know. I forget if its actually just get the skull, or get all 13. And I know EXACTLY how to get the skull too, but I cant seem to do it, or do it right.

    You start the mission from the beginning, hit all checkpoints, then after you kill Truth (or rather, the Arbiter does), then you kill all the Flood. Make sure you get the checkpoint at the end, before the blue lit pithole you go through, but don’t go through it. Supposedly it will only work if you wait until the Flood battle music ends. Then do the last 7 keys of the number sequence you listed (only the last 7 are needed). Do them in order. They’re supposed to make note tunes when you go through them, and after doing all 7, the Halo theme song plays. (1 is by the “pithole”, 7 is by Truth. #4 is the one with red on it, because it represents Installation 04, which was destroyed and being rebuilt).

    The rings should also light up in a liner fashion. Go to the bridge leading to where you killed Truth. The IWHBYD skull should be right before it, up there by the screen to activate it.

    Thats what Ive seen about it so far. Like I said, I tried once, and I didn’t get it, which I’m thinking I didn’t hit the checkpoints. But it only lets you get it if you hit ALL checkpoints. This is supposed to unlock the armor.

  622. Man you people are stupid. To get the IWHBYD skull fight your way to the end of the room with all of the rings. Activate the control for the light bridge, watch the cutscene where Arby kills the prophet. Fight your way back to, kill everything. Jump through the rings in this order, 1 being closest to the door 7 being closest to the prophet: 4 6 5 4 5 3 4. If done correctly the rings will start to flash very noticeably. If it didnt work, revert to last save until it does. When it does go to the light bridge you activated to trigger the cutscene. The skull will be there, pick the piece of shit up. The game will not say anything you just have it. If this all did not work, you’re fucked. Dont post here anymore, with your bullshit questions, that nobody has the answers too. That or just access all 7 terminals.

  623. i only need the elite commando shoulders and i have all the achievements, skulls etc.
    but no shoulders
    any ideas???

  624. I was one of the first to grab the Hayabusa armor and seriously not even a week after that you cant go into a game without 3 people having it.. DUMB.. so I digress the Scout armor is where its at.. woot!!

  625. Obviously i spent the time to get the skulls mainly for the acheivments but of course i also wanted the armor, well when i finally got the last skull i had every single piece of armor except the helmet. Where the hell is my helmet!!!

  626. Just go on youtube. it shows how to get every skull. i got the hayabasu armor. ShadowPriest93 if you waant to play sometime.

  627. i got 3 triple kills online but i didnt get the comando chest for the elite ????? wats up with that ?

  628. to get the catch skull (required to get hybabusa amor) u need to beat the game on normal and then it appears i thought it was a bug but i was wrong

  629. u need to do it on free for all i believe, make sure u have the triple kill achievement

  630. you need to kill the triple kill on a ranked playlist

  631. u need to jump threw the rings to unlock the helmet

    1=entrance 7=the last 1 near truth

    the sequence is as followed


    after u have jumped threw the rings in this order all the rings will glow then procede to were truth was killed and the skull shud be next to the bridge

    u also need to kill truth before jumping through the rings

  632. o ye and i forgot to mention u must also have all the pther skulls 😀
    srry guys

  633. I have 805 gamerpoints in halo 3 & i didnt get security shoulders. WTF?

  634. I just decided to repeat Dru’s message of how to get the IWHBYD skull for the people to lazy to look through it.
    Dru, on September 28th, 2007 at Said:
    Because I cant stand to see people suffer over a lost skull I bring you the location and method to finding the final skull.

    The location of the final skull, the IWHBYD Skull!

    The Skull is located in the level, “The Covenant”. After defeating the Scarabs, and going inside, get to the location with all 7 Ring Holograms. You must jump through the rings in a specific order. That order is as follows:

    4 5 6 5 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 2 7 2 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    These rings also produce the notes:

    E F# G F# A G F# E B C# D C# A C# B D E G A F# E G F# E F# D E

    After jumping through them in this sequence, you will be awarded the “I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull”. It will be right next to the bridge that brings you over to the Prophet of Truth.

    Also, in order to get the Katana on the back of your spartan, you need to get 1000 gamerscore (all achievements)

    The Ninja helmet and the helmet flames are only available for bungie employees and friends of theirs.

  635. The Skull is located in the level, “The Covenant”. After defeating the Scarabs, and going inside, get to the location with all 7 Ring Holograms. You must jump through the rings in a specific order. That order is as follows (1 is at the entrance, 7 is at the end):

    4 6 5 4 5 3 4

  636. i have full hayusabu armour uy need all gold skulls and all silver iwyh skull u need to jump through the rings on the covanet you tube it feel free to add my hotmail

  637. to get whole thing get all skulls silver and gold

  638. Ppl if you want a perfect discription of how to get all skulls.. go to Cheatcc.com go to Halo 3 and it will give great info……..check out my profile gamertag Volinor i got full hayabusa

  639. Wat do i do? i dont have the sectrity shoulders & i have 830/1000 for the gamerscore. Someone HELPHELPHELPHELPHELPHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  640. To get the hayabusa you just need to find the 13 skulls, and you can get those at ign.com

    Body… 6 skulls

    Shoulders… 9 skulls

    Helmet… 13 skulls



  642. Hi good guide but how do you get the EOB helmet in the picture?
    I’ve looked everywhere but found no link to it

  643. Dude i found out that there is a armor called Katana when you get all Achievments at least that is what i have been informed.

  644. I found out that there is a armor called Katana when you get all Of the Gamerscore for Halo 3 at least that is what i have been informed.

  645. i got full hayabusa armour its real easy all you have to do is unlock some achevements and all da skulls

  646. i got the hayaubusa armor you get it when you find all 13 skulls. and that order of numbers is wrong WAY wrong. and its not that hard i found them by my self

  647. the unknown helmet is called Rogue
    not sure how you get it
    i think it has to do with EXP

  648. teh unknown helmet is called Rogue

  649. to get whole thing get all skulls silver and gold

    add me for help

  650. My GT is : Xi Rank iX

  651. for Rouge Helmet u need to become a Spartan Officer (Luteniant)

    Now…..As I asked 5 times now…..IS THERE A WAY AROUND THE SECURITY SHOULDER GILTCH????? CUZ I HAVE 805 gamerscore & i dont have them!!!!!!!!1

  652. Do you need to get all the skulls in one hole game to get the hayabusa helmet. because i have the hayabusa chest and shoulder armor.

  653. guys the unknown one is for the people working at bungie and you can’t unlock it unless you work at bungie

  654. My situation is the same as EliteDemon937, I have 815 gamerscore on Halo 3 alone, but no Rouge Helmet. It has to be something else.

  655. Unkown 1 is the rogue helmet not just for bungie u get it in ranking i have it. and i have full hayabuse add me if u want Gamertag is: Thebillcollecta

  656. You only get the rogue helmet with a bungie pro account. As for the katana, you get it as an addition to the hayabusa body after you get 1000 gp. most of the other body armors have unlockable features after 1000 gp.

  657. i didnt read the blog but i noticed you guys were having some trouble finding the iwhbyd skull. i found it ,the sequence is actually 1-3-4-6-7-5-4-6-5-4-5-3-4. if entered correctly the rings will light up and start blinking. the skull will be right before the bridge activation panel. the catch is that you have to jump directly through the rings in the exact order if you mess up you can start over with out having to restart the level. it is easier to do it on co-op to make sure the other player actually jumps completely through the ring.

  658. also how do you get the EOB helmet?

  659. you need to get the spartan officer achievement to unlock the rogue helmet

  660. the hayabusa armor comes from collecting skulls yes. the levels are 6 9 and 13. you get a new permutation at each collection level. and another thing, the IWHBYD skull only needs the last 7 note of that incredibly long chain

  661. NOOOOO the rogue helmet is unkown 1 and i got it and i aint got bungie pro account and i dont work there.!!!!!!!!

  662. thanks for replying as for the spartan officer achivement i will have to wait because i dont have live i have an account which i had gotten a month……..trial that came with the 360. but until i get another membership ill have to wait. and in case you would like to know my gamer tag is crackers r good yes the r is not are it is r.

    so it is “crackers r good”

    also do you know if you can unlock mark v shoulders or chest armor cause on the chart showing the armor the mark v has the origional armor on most of the body

    and how do you get the security helmet shoulders and chest plate.

  663. HOW DID YOU GET THE ROGUE HELMET??????????????????????????

  664. you get the rogue helmet by advancing to leutinnant online

  665. can any of you tell me the armor that you can unlock without xbox live

  666. hey manual


  668. ad me im called thebillcollecta i can help with rogue helmet or hayabusa

  669. hopw do i get an over kill plz let me no……

  670. all the armors r hella eazy to get

  671. You have to find all the gold skulls and the silver or “secret skulls” to unlock the whole armour. look my gamertag on bungie nd ive got it.

  672. i cannot unlock the commando shoulder peice i have killing fenzy achievment but i can only find the 4 that i have unlocked if you guys can help me please help me i would be grateful thx!

  673. how do you unlock the unknown 1 armor. also can you unlock the body and shoulders for the mark v armor without live.

  674. when i get live i will add you halo guy. it will be easier to send me a friend request cause even when i dont have live i can read the mail when i get online at xbox.com. ican also accept friend requests on the website. my gamer tag is crackers r good not crackers are good but crackers r good with the letter r not the word.

  675. yo im CHALDO G on halo 3 ill be olne today a lil before 12 AM EASTERN time so if someone can add me and go on tonight to help me get some skull achievements id greatly appreciate it, if u volunteer leme know here

  676. hey chaldo g my live membership expired but i can help you with 12 of the 13 skulls. if you want send me a friend request my g-tag is
    crackers r good yes it is the letter r not are it is exactly the way i typed it crackers r good. i can help you by im-ing on this blog.

  677. iight sweet so for the iwtbud skull or w/e, my friend told me its long goin through the rings is that true?

  678. yes it is

  679. if you want the iwhbyd skull you have to jump through the rings in this order.(1 being the one that is the closest to you 7 being the one closest to the prophet of truth) another thing just in case you dont know the iwhbyd skull is on the level “The Covenant”. so after you destroy the scarab walkers you head into a large structure with the arbiter. he starts saying a bunch of crap that nobody cares about (no offense to bungies dialog writers)then another cutscene which is totally unexpected occurs. so you start in front of a bridge. what i did and recommend is i let the flood kill the grunts brutes ect. after they are all dead you start going through the rings in this specific order 1-3-4-6-7-5-4-6-5-4-5-3-4. it may take awhile but i think its worth it because some of the extra dialog you hear when you activate it is pretty funny. if you screw up the sequence just do it over you dont have to restart the level or revert to save. and also youll know it works because the rings will start blinking and the skull will appear in front of the place where you activate the bridge to get to the prophet of truth. if you have anymore questions i will be happy to answer them:)

  680. damns o how long does the jumping through the rings take

  681. mjnaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  682. Hey,
    Ive got full Hayabusha armour and I would like to confirm that you do not the the I Would Have Been Your Daddy skull, it does not show up on the skull screen and it is supposedly a duplicate of the Blind Skull,
    The Hayausha helmet is the hardest to get as you have to collect all the Gold and Silver skulls.
    The Gold skulls are the Iron, Black Eye, Tough Luck, Catch, Fog, Famine, Thunderstorm, Tilt, Mythic.
    The silver skulls are the Blind, Cowbell, Grunt Birthday Party, IWHBYD.
    A detailed guide on how to get them all is on http://www.mycheats.com/view/section/2426/19935/halo_3/xbox_360 for the Gold skulls,
    For the silver skulls go to http://www.mycheats.com/view/section/2426/19936/halo_3/xbox_360.

    Good Hunting

  683. it doesnt take very long just make sure you jump completly through the rings in the exact sequence. you can try it on co-op. one person jumps through the rings the other one makes sure you go completly through the ring.trust me i did it with out co-op it didnt take very long mybe 20-30 min but thats cause i kept dying by rushing into battle i know youll be able to do it.if you have more questions you know what to do. dont expect a quick response cause ill be at school from 8;30 in the morning to 2;50 in the afternoon(on weekdays) ill try to get to this blog as soon as i can.

  684. somehow i have the hayabusa armor lol, idk how. I completed most of the missions on legendary but not quite done yet. good luck.

  685. you get the hayabusa armour by getting all nine gold skulls but you dont get the head though to get the head you must get all nine gold skulls and all four silver skulls aswell
    good luck

  686. okay to get full (samaurai) you need to find every single skull. to get the sword on back you need to get 1000 gamerscore . i dont know if u need 1000 in anything or 1000 in just halo alone

  687. you get the hybusa body by gettin every achevement on the game and the helmet you get by getting all the skulls and you get the rest by completing the campaign on legendary.

  688. as soon as u finish off the profet of truth and u kill all of the flood u have to jump through the hologram rings in a specific order. i got all of the hayubasa armor.

  689. i have the full hayabusa armor and you have to collect all 13 skulls 9 glod skulls and 4 silver skulls

    6 skulls gets you the chest plate

    9 skulls gets you the shoulder plates

    13 skulls gets you the head

  690. the answer to your problems for the IWHBYD skull is to kill all of the flood, after arbiter kills truth. then jump through the rings on the ark at this combination, 1 closest to the elevator and 7 closest to truth. 4-6-5-4-5-3-4 P.S somtimes you may need to do it twice

  691. Look, any questions about finding any skulls, just e-mail me. I have all armour, skulls, all ach points and have finished story quite a few times on all difficulties.

  692. can someone help with elite armor. i got commando and acetic body and for the commando shouders uneed killnig frenzy in free for all ranked? i done it in unranked and im sure in ranked plz help.and can someone help me get the trible with sword for acestic helmet elite armor plz

  693. triple kill*

  694. How to get the last skull I would have been your daddy…

    On the covenet lev u have to start from the beginning on normal heroic or legendary once u kill truth u have to kill the flood… then go to the beginnging where u come in and then u jump the rings in a order… ring number 7 is where truth was and ring number 1 is where u start looks like bungie did leak it… heres the ring jump code 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 If done right the rings should be blinking the skull should be by the bridge near truths dead body L8r!

  695. one question how come when i get the silver skulls it does not show the little note at the bottom of the screen saying that i got it???? i dont even know if they are counting it can anyone explain why?

  696. Hey, just wondering, but, for obtaining the armor pieces, it sometimes says things like, well, take commando for example, (get one triple kill), does it have to be on Xbox Live, or can it be done, say, when playing with friends on your console, not in a ranked online battle?

  697. yes i know that some specify, just curious about the ones that don’t

  698. To Tay,

    It has to be online, and it has to be in a ranked game(sometimes it will clarify and say free-for-all).

    If you are really desperate to get the achievements, just play a bunch of lone wolf matches. about 1 in every 5 games there will be a few people, upon asked, that will help you get an achievement if you help them in some way.

    Because you can not talk while in the actual game, do all the planning in pre-game and hope nobody screws you over =D

    I’ve unlocked all the online ranked achievements, so if anybody needs advice on how to get a certain one, send me a message on xbox live and i’ll hopefully help you out. my gamertag is Ix Recros xI

  699. silver skulls aren’t achievements that is why it doesn’t show it

    If you pick up a gold skull after you have picked it up once it won’t say anything because you already have the achievement but the game still knows you have it

  700. To Recros,


  701. thanks alot Nidhogg 159 now i got all 13 skulls and got my huyabusa mask thanks

  702. I’m sorry but nowone has all armor unlockable, part of the Elite Armor permutations are unlockable at the moment, so don’t post saying you have all armor, by the way if anyone needs any help unlocking anything send iBrKi Ripebear a friend request, i know how and where to unlock everything unlockable at present.

  703. Ok, i will clear one thing up on here, seems this post is mainly on the Hayabusa Helmet, to unlock the helmet you need all Skulls in game, and also have to jump through the rings on the Covenant level in a specific order – 4 6 5 4 5 3 4
    Where 1 is at the entrance and 7 is at the end. Also 4 has red marks on it. Lastly you MUST start the level from the beginning on Normal, Heroic or Legendary, you also need all 13 skulls, 4 silver, 9 Gold.

  704. Dudes the security shoulders are unlocked by getting like 35/49 achievments when i got that i got em and i only have 645 gamerscore look me up Gamertag: Wretchedkazz32

  705. OK here is the deal there is 15 skulls and 12 pieces of armor not ten or what ever the way to find the last two skulls.One is on Cortana it is after the part you find cortana and you go backwards its located where tilt is you need to find a new opening on the ceiling in order for it to be there (the opening not skull) is: to put it on legendary you have to not anything less. Then kill everysingle enemy up intil the point where you come to tilt area and you also have to have all other skulls. The true ultimate skull is known as “halo skull” and for the things it says under skull like for IWHBYD skull it says “but a dog beat me over the fence” this one says “whoa when did that happen?” This is skull activates new weapons and vehicles and old ones like the spectre vehicle or the elephant in campaign not just in multiplayer map “sand trap” and another cool vehicle like the brute version of banshe its hard to describe. But the way to get this skull is get out of the barrier on the level “Halo” next make your way back to begging when you are under the map where you would usually die at if you fell down its in the deep blackness and you have it

  706. BS!

  707. holy crap theres a load of bullshit in that guide.
    scout helmet is unlocked for too close to the sun achievement, scout shoulders are unlocked for mongoose mowdown achievement.
    and regarding the hayabusa stuff, you need every skull in the game, and the IWHBYD skull is gained from jumping through the rings in that order.
    I personally don’t have secuirity helmet + shoulders, but my friend (who has them) says you need 7000 gamerscore on your profile to get it.

  708. i cant get the skull on the storm level i dont destroy either of the wraiths but the skull never appears

    How do i get it????!!!!!

  709. bye, im going bed time. night guys.


  711. I have all of the Hayabusa armor. I Can Show u how 2 get all of the skulls but the 1 at the covenant is hard 2 get. I will help u get the armor if u help me get the EOB and the Security. respond on my gamertag, Ryder778. Send a message but i may not accept friend requests.

  712. I know where 2 get the Hayabusa armor. I can show u where 2 get all of the skulls. u can look at bungie.net 2 view my halo 3 spartan. I will show u where the skull is but i need 2 find the EOD, EOB, and Security, and Flight. All i really need 2 know is how 2 get the EOB and Security. I Know how 2 get EOD and Flight so My friends and I will get it. Ucan help us if u want. Send me a message and/or a friend request saying I need the Hayabusa armor so I know who u r.

  713. Hey if anyone wants to play i am a lvl 40 Captain Grade 2… i have all the acheivements… you can check… i will help anyone lvl up or get any acheivements needed… for anyone who wants rouge armor your all idiots… only bungie employees can wear it and also the flaming heads… so hit me up on XBL or send a message on this i guess…

  714. Oh yeah, just get all the acheivements and quit whining like babies that you dont have all the armor…

  715. YOU only have to do the last 5-7 rings not the whole thing

  716. ii got it like that and yeah its on the bridge only last 7 numbers un the combo 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

  717. sup guys ur all SO cool,

  718. Now I know how to get it this is it

    Collect 13 hidden skulls and you will get the whole hayabusa kit.

  719. Can anybody explain to me how they got the “We’re in for some chop” award? the description says destroy an enemy with equipment in ranked or in campaign. i’ve destroyed vehicles but no award. anybody able to explain?

  720. hahahahaha Pwn4g3 its easy.. just kill a banshee on the Covenent with a spartan laser and voila! you have it… have fun… o yea… make sure you do it after you kill the AA wraith.. =]]

  721. yu don thave to jump through all those rings u only have to jump through 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

  722. the other code for skull iwhbyd is 4654534 it is easier

  723. not really…

  724. Y0ma, you have “We’re in for some chop” mixed up with “Too close to the sun”. Earlier today i got “Too close to the sun” on legendary campaign, but i’m confused as to how one acquires the other one.

  725. Guys Please help on this!!!! has anyone completed Solo Ledonary Meaing one single player to see if that is how to get the Commando Shoulder? (for Elite)

  726. I have completed the game on legendary co-op. I have all hayabusa except the helmet. i also have all but 4 skulls. I am missing a lot of elite armor though.Y??????

  727. cos ur a noob

  728. im the best halo player ever im better than all of bungie players. and im not joking.

  729. hey aushwitzoven you need all the skulls in order to get the hayabusa helmet trust me i have it. if you get all the skulls you get achievements and all the hayabusa armor.chestplate,shoulders,and the helmet. pretty obvious right.

  730. yea sorry about that pwn4g3…
    just ley a landmine in front of a chopper as its driving straight at you… make sure you shoot it some before hand though… it wont blow up if you dont… its easiest to do it on Tsavo highway when you get to the little camp area with the sniper it has mines there for you… and if you dont succeed.. kill yourself and try again… =]] sorry for the mess up… =[

  731. the i.w.h.b.y.d skull code is 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    that simple no rocket science i swear go on normal no skulls activated and no campaign scoring on and viola and the rest of hayabusa is unlocked through specified skulls not a specific number the helmet is gained through the i.w.h.b.y.d skull not getting them all not ragging on you all ok. but hey you got any halo 3 questions give me a freind request on xbox live i am called viperandblade no caps no spaces just that.now that i think about it i should be on tommorow as long as i aint got no more games to test this month. by the way game testing rock but you gotta go through about 4 years of college to get to the good stuff instead of the crap most people test

  732. oh my bad i didint realize someone already posted the correct combo but i will help others find their stuff and aushwitzoven the bungi team isnt that good at halo its the game testers you usually need to worry about so dont feel high and mighty. ps did you know there are over 300 visual glitches in halo three if you dont beleive me watch where the bullets come out of most of the guns it is slightly above the barral and did you realive that sniping a person in the head sometimes makes their body shoot into the air about 20 feet and then zip right into their death.

  733. how do u get the We’re in for some Chop Achievement and what equipment do u use?

  734. i have a question that needs answering. plz email me at foogusnot2@yahoo.com — IT says u have to do it in ranked matches For some achievements. I dont have xbox live. HOW do i get the full 1000 credits for the armor if i dont got xbox livE?

  735. i have the full hayabusa armor its not that hard you need 6 skulls to get the shoulders, 9 for the body and all 13 for the head its easy , u must do the levels from mission start and you must do on normal, herioc, or legendary

  736. what is the unknown armor and how do you get it

  737. lone wolf, just do all the non live achievments i did it, the legendary levels are kinda hard but its worth it (155)

  738. to get the hayabusa armor you need 6 skulls for chest
    9 skulls for shoulders and all skulls for head

  739. ANYONE!!!! to do the “Were in for some chop” acheivement all you have to do is lay a land mine if front of any vehicle in campain… preferably a chopper… but make sure you shoot it some before you lay it… and make sure its coming straight at you… =]

  740. hayabusa armor is the worst armor ever, i would rather wear covenenant armor then hayabusa because hayabusa sucks!!!

  741. Mark V armor is the best!

  742. Need help please!

    I have unlocked all 13 skulls, all on normal difficulty or higher and I still cannot see the hayabusa armor. Can someone tell me if the skulls have to be turned on to see the armor or if I was supposed to do something else when I got the skull and just hit “Save and Quit”?

  743. No the skulls don’t need to be turned on.. On the main level skulls, did it give you the achievement? The other ones wont say you got the achievement.. Which caused me to be confused for a bit..

  744. One really fun things to do in Halo 3 are to kill Johnson on the beginning of the level crows nest and marines will start trying to kill you and punch you to death(Johnson can kill you in one hit if he grabs a gun). So Anyway, just try to stay alive> Happy Gaming.

  745. What is the point of the guy in his boxers on the level ‘Halo’? This image made me sad in my pants.. The game is rated ‘M’ for crying out load.. Now put a chick with her top off. Make it seem more like a Mature rating..

  746. hey those rings for the skull you only have to jump through them in this order its way shorter 4654534 and the skull will be waiting on the bridge so you must turn on the prophets light bride b4 you start jumping through the portals or it’s just a waste of time

  747. Thanks “SicOfReality” for responding.

    Yes, I did see the achievement when I got most of the Gold Skulls, but don’t think I saw any for the Silver. I thought the achievement activated itself so I did not click on it. Did I have to open the achievement when I got the skull? Again, I just saved and quit. Do I have to do it all agian?

  748. i only need head now 😦 i need the skul on covenant now hard to get 😦 o well skull hunting it is

  749. Guys… You get the habasua armor by getting all the skills… to get the IWBYD skull you must go on The Covenemt and get to the part where you kill Truth. Destroy all the flood in the area but do not get on the elavator. The rings are numbered as follows. The closest ring to the elavator is the #1 ring. the number 4 ring is the ring with the red part on about 1/3 of it. Then just through the rings in this order: 4654534. If done correctly the skull will appear on the platform right before the Light bridge where you killed Truth. PS: Silver skulls dont give achievements. My gamertag on Xbox live is halodestroyer11 (Went for 117 but it wouldn’t fit) if you need help

  750. Sorry made a few mistakes: Covenent : just jump through the rings:

  751. oh and Mas24 you might not have gotten the IWBYD skull it sometimes glitches a bit. Did you change your armor? because sometimes you can have an unlocked armor, a locked armor, then Hababusa armor

  752. Find all the skulls, and you unlock full hayabusa, i know cause i have it

  753. yeah but a lot of people think the skulls are hard. they aren’t really

  754. 5 skulls=habasua chest
    9=both of the shoulderpads

  755. Here is an easy step on how to unlock the Scout Shoulder Piece.

    Try getting the “Mongoose Mowdown” achievement. Then try “We’re in for some Chop” Achievement. People are having a hard time getting this armor unlocked. We now believe you need to get the “Mongoose Mayhem” achievement.

  756. If anyone is finding it hard to get the IWHBYD SKull go to my File share “RarestNegikun” and download the step by step of my video on how to get the IWHBYD skull.

  757. everybody knows were the skulls are and if you dont you are TARD! Hayabusa armor is the worst armor , EOD is the best!

  758. 4654534

  759. Eod may be better but hayabusa armour is rare.People would prefer rare armour over armour you know how to get.

  760. not evrey body knows where the skulls are and the noobs out there are jealous so prefrabley I ware it.

  761. other than that people like the armour and would do anything to get It is rare and better than most armour like Scout COB and EVA.

  762. I think the EOD armor is probably better for 1 reason. It doesn’t attract attention. I wear mine into a game and Bam!!! Sniped…. Since other than that there is no difference EOD just seems like a better choice……

  763. U guys are alot of dumb stupid noobs i bearly lay and ive got all the skulls they are so easy if anyone wants helpw ith getting all the the skulls send a request to “Arkansas Rebel” Man u guys are terrible

  764. I realy have to tlell you guys all you need to do is get sliver skulls 1,2,and 3 then go jump through rings in this patern (4 6 5 4 5 3 4) yeah its that easy
    Oh yeah you need to play at the being of the Covent to ge the skull

  765. To clear thinggs out you can get the silver in any pattern you want except the lsat one

  766. LOL you guy just need to get the other skull then jump THROUGH 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 EASY

  767. The person got he or she info mess up

  768. You don’t need to jump through ALL THE RINGS

  769. I know how to get Freakin hayabusa armour. Stop telling noobs how to get it because,they can just get on the internet instead of getting on this sight and asking some stupid ediot that sucks. Hayabusa armour sucks like noobs on LIVE! EOD is the best because stupid noobs cant get it.

  770. Right you get the ninja Hayabusa armour by getting all the skulls silvers included. u get the Security chest through 1,000 every achievementand basically u get a samuri sword on ur back its freak awesome i don’t have it but it looks ace if you have any questions e-mail me at jake2314@hotmail.com or add my gamercard XTriggerFingerX

  771. UH guys..

    Notice that not one of u even put which ring is the 4th 5th or 6th!!!!!!!!

  772. The helmet is from getting every skull in campain silver and gold, to get the sword on the body you need every achievement and the skulls.

  773. I unlocked what rarestnugikin said and stiil dont have scout shoulders please help

  774. dont send me email cause its not really working

  775. u do need mongoose mowdown!!!!!!!!!!!! never mind dogs. 🙂

  776. halo destrioer or whatever needs to learn how to count

  777. what reallly sucks is I dont have xbox live (yet) so I cant get half the awsome armor:(

  778. i have the “We’re in for some chop” achivment today and didn’t get armor for it???

    and also can someone help me complete the rest of the campaing achivments i need if you can my gamertag is Jumper iZ BacKK

  779. You all are idiots, you get the Hayabusa by getting every skull, nothing else works

  780. u locate the last silver skull on the coveanant level were u kill truth after uve killed truth kill the flood and then jump thought the ring,s in this order 1,3,4,6,7,5,4,6,5,4,5,3,4 and wen u hav done tht thering,s will start 2 pulsate and then u head bac 2 the bridge near truth and there it is the i wud ov been ur daddy skull
    waiting 4 u jus 2 pic up

  781. To get all of the Hayabusa armor you have to get all the skulls………..that means gold and silver……..silver require you to beat the entire lever after you pick it up. hope that helps

  782. Can you guys help me get achivments?

    My gamertag is Jumper iZ BacKK

  783. I have hyabusa its the easeist armor to get!!

  784. jumper iz backk, I can only help you with achievments that arent om live if u still want my help 🙂

  785. do you want armor or just achievments?

  786. alph45 add Jumper iZ BacKK to xbox live

  787. add Jump3r iZ BacKK if you will help me get 8 achievments

  788. OMG!!!! Hayabusa armor is not the rarest!!!! the security helmet (bug eyed) is the rarest… you need 1000 gamerpoints for it… so imo security is the rarest… so BooYa! i have it all =p and one who wants to play with me add me ( Y0MA )

  789. i have every skull 31 acheivments who can beat.So I will feed you led if you face me on xbox live! =)

  790. Jumper I dont have live. sorry

  791. yoma your right sucurity is probably the rarest, but I prefer EOD .:)

  792. What achievments do you want any way dog 🙂

  793. who all here has eod because th only good xbox live arnor is security. all the rest just show you play to much.

  794. Halo 3 Hayabusa Armour 2 unlock find all the skulls

  795. how many ranks from sergeant is the spartan officer rank.

  796. i want the ones in campaing like where i need to get 15,000 points in the first level and stuff like that

  797. ok. then turn on campiagn scoring and beat the whole game again, and try it on heroic. that wile unlock lik 12-14 achievments 🙂

  798. and an the third level kill a chopper with land mines(the land mines are i n the first little biulding) and on the ark save the sp.laser and kill a banshee after you get in the warthog but before the first gohst 🙂

  799. i have 885 gamerscore n i dnt have security shoulders

  800. by the way, the unknown 1 aurnmour is the recon auromour, which you are given by bungie if you do something really skilled or funny

  801. and you only need to do 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

  802. alph… i got all the achievements… if you were asking me… “master of halo3” you would get pooped on by me so shut up… and crackers… you need 70 experience and a level 10 in any playlist… =]]

  803. you idiots! to get the harybusa armor you just have to get all SILVER skulls! gold skulls dont do jack shit for your armor!

  804. Right….so many people are not sure how they got the armor so i’ll tell u HOW TO GET HAYABUSA ARMOR.

    Firstly I can confirm you need to pick up skulls ONLY nothing else….

    1.For the hayabusa chest plate-pick up 6 skulls (silver or gold)

    2. For the Hayabusa shoulder-pads pick up 9 Skulls (silver or gold)

    3.For the Hayabusa Helmet-pick up all of the skulls (silver and gold)

    PS. THanks for all the help here dude. This site has really helped me and im lookingback on here every 2 or 3 days =)

  805. 4 5 6 5 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 2 7 2 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    jump thrpugh the rings in this order on normal and you get the iwhbyd skull

    1 being at the elveator
    7 being at truth

    kill truth and flood first

  806. no no no.

    to get IWHBYD skull it’s just 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 and then, they will all light up in sequential order and then it will be just before the light bridge that leads to Truth’s platform. Do not forget to finish the level.

    Happy Hunting

  807. hayabusa is easiest armor to get if u ask me

  808. yea this guy’s right you’re an idiot if you jump through all that u only need to jump through 4-6-5-4-5-3-4 ps i just wrote that from memory wtf

  809. add me im called thebillcollecta i can help u with everything i got full hayabuse full ascetic command helm and commando body add me. thebillcollecta

  810. yoma….. stay cool 🙂

  811. thebillcolecta ascetic and commando are the easyist to get and dont get me started on hyabusa!!! security is the best. but thanks for trying to help, 🙂

  812. i know how to get the hayabusa armor ……. all of it
    in order to get it u need to get all the gold and silver skulls
    gold- unlocks body
    silver- unlocks head

    in order to get the iwhbyd skull you only need to use 7 notes
    go to the room with the prophet in it in the conevant with all the rings in it
    jump through the rings in this order

    4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    the rings start in order from the beginning of the room to the end

    do this after u kill Truth b/c the skull appears on the beam bridge connecting to where truth dies

    to get the other skulls go onto youtube.com or type in “halo3 skull locations” google

    hope i helped

    iguy 93

  813. no iguy ur wrong! 6 skulls to get the body 9 skulls to get the sholder and all 13 to get the head!

    it dosen’t matter which skulls u get just as long as u get that number!

    i cant get the iwhbyd skull!!!!!! flood spores get stuck in a unreachable spot and i cant kill them!

    does anyone have any advice?

  814. please i need help badly!

    i have every skull but that one!

    im so close to getting it!

    PS look for Q54 on xbox live!

  815. i just checked my armor today. i didnt know you could customize your halo 3 character. and i have all the hayabusa armor except the head. anyone know how to get it. playa 671 is my gamertag if you want to see

  816. just go to youtube and type in all 4 silver skull locations on halo 3 as a search and it will tell you how to get the
    I Would Have Been Your Daddy skull (IWHBYD Skull)

  817. okay…so i tried crouching and it worked, i even heard the song!but i couldnt find the skull! where is it! it wasnt in front of the bridge!


  819. i know this is a noob question but what does FFA stand for

  820. FFA is free for all……noob

  821. its driving me crazy! HELP!

    PS look for komeasorus on live

  822. wierd name i know………..

  823. Yep i know how to get it, you gotta get all 13 skulls… IWHBYD is the hardest. You have to jump through the rings on the level “The Covenant” at the end bit… i think the order is this, 4654534, You have to have killed the propet and all the flood b4 attempting… skullz are easy.
    Also to get a skull you MUST start the level from the beginning and have the difficulty on normal or higher.

    Elite Dude.

  824. Yep i know how to get HAYABUSA ARMOR you gotta get all 13 skulls… IWHBYD is the hardest. You have to jump through the rings on the level “The Covenant” at the end bit… i think the order is this, 4654534, You have to have killed the propet and all the flood b4 attempting… skullz are easy.
    Also to get a skull you MUST start the level from the beginning and have the difficulty on normal or higher.

    Elite Dude. (edited)

  825. hey i got a killing frenzy and a triple kill in a rank game and i don’t have the elite armors… i don’t know if i have the achievements or not but can someone help me?

  826. kk for all you losers you need to get all the 13 skulls to get the samari amour not eney online achivments

  827. OMG! will everyone shut up about the stupid skulls? please! o and alph.. yes security is the best no matter what =]] and i was pissed off at the guy… it annoyed me… =[[

  828. muahahahahahhahahaha click it! please! =]]

  829. erg… nvm… just go to myspace.com/yomaizsik

  830. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ type in!

  831. i shoud have full comando and scout shoulders ive done the requirements like2000000 times and still…………….no armour

  832. how do you get thunderstorm skull???????????????

  833. is thare some required diffuclty???

  834. you are a stupid cracker if you dont know how to find the thunderstorm skull!

  835. i know the location is but it wont show up wtf!!!!!!

  836. To get the samurai sword you have to activate all the terminals and get all the achievments unlocked.

  837. to get the hayabusa armour u have to get the skull : is you get 4 skulls you gat the body peice if u get 9 u get the shouldefs if you get all of them you get the helm ::: ———————–i have all the hayubusa armour peices pluss the achievment fear the pink mist does not unlock any armour

  838. http://www.mycheats.com/view/section/2426/19952/halo_3/xbox_360

    this website tells you how to get all the armour

  839. if i could meet “i have hayabusa in rel life I would bich slap him. who doesnt have hayabusa

  840. pardon my spelling on that last one BITCH, is what i meant

  841. t get the hayabusa armour (al of it) you have to get every skull. i know how to get all armour types, email me at legomaniac96@yahoo.com to ask how

  842. you get hayabusa armour by obtaining all the skulls. email me at legomaniac96@yahoo.com to ask how to get an armour premutation

  843. add liopluradon on xbox live

  844. to get any skull u have to do the level from the begining and on normal or higher u noob

  845. alph… calm down buddy =]]

  846. i want DOAX2 but im only 13

  847. to unlock the security helmet, do you need 1000 gamerscore points from halo 3 only or for total

  848. for halo 3 only dude… sorry…

  849. that was okay i have already gotten all the armor and skulls

  850. *ish tired so bare with me on spell misstakes and dumb questions*

    First I keep heard about a meta game… what is this?

    Easy ‘used car salesman’ in campaign shoot off the bottom turret of a Phantom before it drops it’s units I think that unlocks the scout helmet and the ‘we in for some chop’ use a mine to blow up a vehicle and that give you the scout body (I know that’s the two items those awards unlock) the scout body is on the serucity armour pic.

    Could the ‘rouge’ helm be the EOB one or the unknown one?

    I need to figure out how to unlock the security armour, I got over 750 gamerpoints in H3 but no shoulders… this has said to be a glitch but is there a patch or something for it?

    (((p.s email: hotrod9001@hotmail.com )))
    (( Gamertag: thy wolf I know it my gamer score if you check me out I don’t got the points for serucity but don’t tell me that’s why I’ve figured out why I never got the acchivement for betting the game on legandary and heroic… got to watch the first cut seen on it XD so now I do got it and you’ll see that as well once I get online again))

  851. “I HAVE HAYABUSA ARMOR, on November 6th, 2007 at Said:

    ok then.. good for you, go online sometime and you’ll notice everyone has the Hayabusa armor…. and I belive ther is a hidden piece of that armor that’s just for show a katana I belive….

    anywho… back to other armors

  852. wolf is right if you dont have the hayabusa ur a major n00b if you dont have hayabusa and like everyone on xbox live has it. and you get the kantana by getting all acheivements

  853. anyone without the katana or security helmet is not elite… so just get the acheivements and quit whining!

  854. I Just got almost all the acheivements I only beat the game on normal I never got the capaign points and I got al lthe skulls and I have the Sameri set

  855. The thunder Skull one is the easy

  856. no mythic is the easiest one to get not thunder

  857. ShadowNemesis87, To get the skulls you have to start the mission from the start, you can’t start at like rally point alpha or something.

  858. i need 1 more skull 2 get the hayabasa helmet and i found it but it didnt give me the helmet which sucks


  860. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_Permutations
    go to that website! it shows all the armor for elite and human! also the website provides everything YOU need to know ABOUT halo series also check the halo books, toys, xbox live, ect…

    ps- the website is powered by wiki but in the form of halo style!

  861. i have the book it says the killing frenzy should unlock the commando sholders, i ofcourse have it since i’ve recived all 49 achivments

  862. This is crazy i no but i think GOW is better than halo 3

  863. i aready have the hayabusa shuolder peices, chest plate, and helmet it awsome.

  864. Dude guys, RETARDS, my dad works at bungie hes sek7ch

  865. ok the flood spores are stuck in a place where i cant reach or kill them! any advice?

  866. i’m not getting some of the skulls like thunder or to of them before it why? someone help

  867. hlo 3 is a great game to play but call of duty 4 is by far superior… im sorry but im faithful to halo and i feel ashamed to say that a game is better then it… but oh well cod4 is still fuckin tight

  868. i found all the skulls the one your looking for you just have to jump through the rings in this order 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 just kill the flood and the entrace is the 1st ring and the end is the 7th

  869. I havnt played cod4 how is it yoma 🙂

  870. Im really tired of all these noobs that come on her and brag about hayabusa. eod ,security, katana, rogue, there all better, noobs.

  871. umm blind skull gets you the (all hayabusa)chest piece like half the gold skulls or so gives you the shoulders and all the skulls gave me the head and i would like to know why i dont have the scout shoulders…i have the were in for some chop achievment which it says in the guide it gives you the shoulders but…i’m sorry to say it but no it doesnt…the360loop…you suck….j/k…thanx for tryin d00d

  872. to get iwbyhd it on the level where you kill the prophet you know the one with the rings make sure you dont jump through any rings before you kill the prophet or after then follow this order of ring jumping 456576541232711346754534 and then gop back to where the prophet is dead at and you should see the skull around the platform area hope it helps

  873. OMG! its friggin amazing! the graphics could be better… but its just my tv… the gameplay works out really nice and the action keeps you pasted in front of your tv for hours… well atleast if you dont play on such a hard difficulty… the achievements are for campain only… unless i missed a few… but you get the rael value out of playing online… but since you have no XBL… (which sucks) you will just have to stick to a great game =]]

  874. wow… i cant really type if im excited… thats pretty sad… =[[ alph why dont you have XBL?

  875. yay! thanxs to all ur advice i finally got full haybusa! thanxs!

  876. i got a killing frenzy but i dont have the commando shoulders!!!!! y dont i have commando armour!

  877. who cares dude… its not your fault… its just a bug…

  878. because I have a lot of other stuff I already have to pay for. (lifes expensive) 😦

  879. zac, I wish I could chang that annoying thing but you have to get mongoose mowdown first. (xbl)

  880. yoma, if I had xbl I wouldnt have to cry myself to sleep at night. (not really I usually just watch tv)

  881. how do i get commando armor ive done what everyones said to do except doing it on ranked matches is that the key to unlocking the armor? ive gotten everything else so now im looking for a new look..someone help!!!!!

  882. […] the mean time, here’s the Box Art for the Next Ninja Gaiden (Ninja Guy-Den). It may be fun to run around in his armor in Halo 3, but the real deal is always […]

  883. Anyone need some help getting some achievements, look me up.. SicOfReality is my Gamertag.

  884. hey guys i found this really awsome thing in halo3 it doesnt have anything with the armor but its really kool. (you need two or more people to do this). at the top of the tower when you meet up with johnson have one person stay outside and have another person melee johnson in the back with a brute shot it might take a couple of times but he will die. the first spartan laser he drops only has 3 ammo in it but if you go do it again hell drop one that has between 69-86 ammo or sumthing like that. make sure one person stay outside or the doors will close and you wont be able to switch a laser for a junky weapon, also make sure you do it as many times as possible before gravemind talks to you. because you will respawn next to the other player. have fun!

  885. Yea, I found all the skulls but I still don’t have the armor

  886. Yea, I found all the skulls but I still don’t have the armor

  887. you get the Hayabusa complete for collecting all gold skulls in halo3 on normal heroic or legendary you get the chest plate after you get five of the 9 gold skulls

  888. ive gotten 2 killing frenzys and no armour! wats up with that?

  889. yea that sucks hopefully you can pay for it soon so you can play liket the rest of us

  890. u get shoulders by getting 5 skulls,teh chest by getting 9,& teh head by getting all 13 good luck i have 9 and know where teh other 4 r and how 2 get them 😀

  891. wat do u mean pay 4 it and play like the rest of us?

  892. i know how so get the cool niga armor you get if you find all of the skulls and i have the armor its relly cool

  893. This dosent make any sense……. I unlocked the too close to the sun achievment but the game wont give me the scout armor

  894. Oh ! I had the Fear the Pink Mist achievement long before i recieved teh armor…

  895. I now have 755 Gamerscore and no Security Shoulders. Anybody else know anything on this one?

  896. that happend to me but with commando shoulders!

  897. (Th Arbiter) lol he doesnt have xbl like us that have most of all the achievments…

  898. New Information!!!

    Campaign Complete: Normal – Completed the Campaign on Normal Difficulty: 43.28%
    Campaign Complete: Legendary – Completed the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty: 15.14%

    Graduate: Graduated from basic training. Stick with it to earn your Spartan insignia: 66.92%

    UNSC Spartan: Promoted to Sergeant. Proven in combat, you are a Spartan: 52.07%

    The most found metagame skull? Black Eye skull with 34.26%

    The least found metagame skull? Tilt at 22.98% (Go find it, jerks! It’s one of the best skulls in the game!)

    At 6.21%, Steppin’ Razor is the hardest multiplayer
    Achievement to earn, with Two for One right behind it at 6.77% and Overkill nipping at its heels (6.75%)
    8.68% of players have unlocked the Marathon Man

    1000/1000 Gamerscore: 2.07%

  899. This is the amount of people these statistics throughout the world. i and one of the lucky ones to have 1000/1000 gamerscore =]]

    if you do not believe me, search Y0MA at bungie.net and check for the serurity helmet. you need 1000 gamerscore to get it. =]]

  900. This guide is wrong. Wrong achievments, and that Unknown 1 armor is Rogue.
    Scout shoulders: Mongoose Mowdown
    Security Shoulders: Bugged, 1,000 gamerscore OR Marathon Man.

    Check it once in a while, people DO read it.

  901. wat is xbl?

  902. hi every1 i got the marathon man achievement but i dunno what it actually does. hav i unlocked anything like armour or anything????
    ps. plz just leave a reply as a comment on this site cos my email is down thanks so much

  903. ps.xbl is xbox live Th Arbiter

  904. ps. for any1 that is still wonderin how 2 get the hayabusa armour (the samurai/ninja armour that every1 has been talkin about)
    you need 2 get all 9 gold skulls and all 4 silver skulls.

  905. ps. the flaming helmet thingy that a few people r talkin about where u get fire comin out of your helmet is only for bungie employees as every1 suspects, however if you post a couple of cool videos or pics on the bungie.net website there are rumours that they can allow it for you
    just thought you would like 2 know

  906. i have xbox live and that is where i got my killing frenzy but nothing happened!

  907. im so happy i got a overkill with an engery sword on ranked FFA so i got like 3 achivements

  908. *dim applause*
    wow… one more noob to kill…
    anyone that gets excited over acheivements…
    wow…. thats all you can say about it…
    (littlej) everyone knows everyhting about the game now…
    we dont really need anymore people repeating the same things over and over again… its annoying…
    (alph) whats up buddy =]]

  909. (Y0MA) ok sure soz. but what about the marathon man achievement thing?

  910. All you need to get the Hyabussa helmet and shoulder pieces is to get all of the skulls. Thats all I did. Pink Mist unlocks the body piece.