Eternity’s Child goes bye-bye


Do you Remember back on January 2nd of this year when we posted about Eternity’s Child? It was developed using XNA Tools and it looked like a very clever game which seemed fitting for Xbox Live Arcade. Well it seems the ship has sailed as it will not be coming to Xbox Live Arcade at all.

Now, however, a new interview on French gaming site Art du Jeu reveals that, due to Live Arcade’s space restrictions making the game’s high volume of high-res 2D art unfeasible, the game has moved to a retail Wii release through UK publisher Alten8.

Another interesting tidbit is that one of the developers told that it’s also going to the Playstation network. So if you don’t own a Wii or PS3 it seems you probably won’t be playing Eternity’s Child.

[Via XBLArcade]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

2 Responses

  1. It is indeed a sad day, I was pretty hyped about this game (specially since I heard some first hand info from Luc -the creator- himself) Basically MS is f*cked with that stupid cap for XBL Arcade titles.

    I understand the need for a cap to promote awesome experiences in small packages but, perhaps there’s room for a different kind of DL content out there?

    I mean, if things continue as present, there will never be a so called “fully fleshed out” game on XBL, ala Warhawk. And likewise the above mentioned Eternity’s Child.

    Anyway, I guess Sonic 2 will have to suffice for now to fulfill my craving for 2D adventures.

  2. […] think most Xbox Live Arcade gamers were saddened when news broke that the awesome looking Eternity’s Child was going to Nintendo’s Wii, […]

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