Master Chief and Cortana as you’ve never seen them before

Halo 3 this and Halo 3 that seems to be the ongoing headline now a day’s, but is the above image the way Master Chief and Cortana are preparing to “Finish the fight”? I sure hope not. The hand gestures alone make this very disturbing. The costumes are still nice though. Aren’t they?

Proz’s [Live Journal]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

6 Responses

  1. Thank God that’s not bodypaint…

  2. i see rock out signs. I see the Shocker… but what the heck is the guy in the back doing!?

    i know! he’s probably trying to poke his eyes out because the girl on the right looks like she ate some candy from the wonka factory.

  3. I’ll agree on the bodypaint comment, also that picture scares me. I’m gonna have horrible nightmares tonight. >_>

  4. What the heck? thats hated!

  5. I found another picture…i think it may be the same people

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