Project Offset: A Storm is Coming!

Update 4/24: Its been decoded.
It says “AlmostThereThanksForHelping! – Esp. Warsaw and SkateHead”
thanks Whizkid

Update 4/23: The binary on the bottom has changed to “AnmroyYd.p.YdabtoUrpD.nlcbi! – Esp. Warsaw and SkateHead”
Warsaw and SkateHead are regulars to the Project Offset forums. I believe they are also the two who found the hidden page. No one seems to know what the first gibberish is, but i believe its the same as “F@*# SH*! A$*Hole”. I think the page wasn’t meant to be seen by the public until later, since no official announcement has been made about it. odd? Although there was no official announcement there are easter eggs in the website that would link to that page. (the egg on the bottom of the news page which leads to binary code “astormiscoming”)

if anyone CAN translate/decode the first part please enlighten us

update 4/22: another picture has been added. It looks better than the other two.


Project Offset is one of my most anticipated games to release, but the company has been on hiatus after releasing second sneak peek, showing off their stunning new engine. Ever since then, gamers who had the chance to see the videos have been so excited about the game, but with the lack of recent updates the fiery blaze turned into a candle stick flame. A simple page has opened with a single screenshot of the game, now showing a second screenshot. A bar on the bottom shows that the image will constantly change after a number of unique visits. The simple page is titled “astormiscoming” and there is hidden binary code on the bottom of the page which translates to “Keep Going”! Could this be a hint that this is the calm before a storm of updates? i can only hope. I will keep uploading pictures as i see them.

A STORM IS COMING (dont forget to visit the site!)

po1.jpg po2.jpg po3.jpg

Project Offset started out as an idea to create a new engine, but in the production came the idea to create the first game to use the engine as well. The game is still unknown to whether or not it will be releasing on the Xbox360 and PS3, but the small team hired some PS3 and Xbox360 developers. Which for many people, is enough to confirm to them that there will be a copy waiting for them at the local EB. Can this small team make a game of epic proportions?

If you would like to learn more, check it out at

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –

8 Responses

  1. Kinda looks like Assassin’s Creed to me???

  2. those are som sick photos, i really thought it was an acctual picture at first

  3. different genres. Assassin’s Creed is set in medival times and Project Offset is set in a fantasy world. That and Project Offset is FPS and AC isn’t.

    you should check out the video of them testing the game. it looks even better than the screenshots.

  4. There´s a new image.

  5. Dood where are the updates, I need my fix?

  6. the binary has changed!

  7. AnmroyYd.p.YdabtoUrpD.nlcbi – Esp. Warsaw and SkateHead
    AlmostThereThanksForHelping! – Esp. Warsaw and SkateHead

  8. thanks whizkid! i just read in the forums that skatehead figured it out also.

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