Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD makeover


Not too long ago, Capcom announced the release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo for the XBLA. What do you care? You’ve already purchased the other Street Fighter title already available on the marketplace. Well this version of SFII will release in High Definition.

In the image taken from RacketBoy, you can see the comparison of older sprites to the new HD Remastered one. The first on the left would be Ryu from Street Fighter II. The second sprite is from Guilty Gear. Notice the difference in size and quality. The third would be Ryu again, but this time from Street Fighter III. The fourth would be Ryu from Street Fighter II again, but blown up to compare with the beautifully remastered Ryu beside him.

So the sprites look great. Hopefully they look just as good in the game. I was probably going to buy this game anyways, seeing how i want a great collection of arcade games. Is the HD makeover enough to make you guys want to buy another Street Fighter?

[via Racketboy]

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –

3 Responses

  1. I have been lusting for a remade SF2 since I got my HDTV. THANK GOD. Now if only we could get a better Dpad…

  2. amen to a better Dpad!

  3. I just hope they don’t make the single player insanely difficult this time around, hopefully it’ll be the console version instead of the quater munching arcade version.

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