Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Fix

Some people have encountered numerous issues with the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset. Apparently it must be a common problem because Gamerscoreblog posted information on getting yours fixed from the Xbox Accessory Team:

“We have received feedback from some customers that they have experienced issues while using the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset, including difficulty syncing the headset to the controller, reception interference and audio sensitivity when playing action-packed games like Gears of War. We are committed to providing the highest quality accessories for Xbox 360 and would like to assist in troubleshooting and resolving those issues, whether by replacing or repairing the units under warranty. We encourage anyone experiencing issues with the Wireless Headset to call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.”


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  1. Hi
    I ve just got a wireless headset and people are reporting that the headset is making a sound like an out of tune radio online when im playing
    games online . My wired headset is fine. Is this a fault with the head set

  2. hi,
    i bought my wireless headset it worked perfectly but after a few months it disconnected eveyrtym i played a game nd now it wont even work at all it wont tune up 2 my xbox can sum1 help me fix this problem

  3. I got my xbox360 for christmas and everything was working fine until october 15th when my wireless headset wouldnt turn on at all how do i fix it?

  4. hi i left my controller and headset charging last nite .Then when i woke up and started playing the headset went dead with 1 line of batterylife i was like WTF lol then i tryed putting it on charge and the lights didnt even flash ? whats going on ? email me thanks

  5. the same has happend to me as jamie OBrien please help me

  6. the xbox 360 wireless headset is a complete joke just like the durability of the xbox 360,,, ive been through 2 Gears of War Disks, and two Xbox 360’s and two wireless headsets gears is the only game worth buying for this system they better lock up gears of war forever because without it i would sell my system for anything i could get for it.. .. i would label who ever gives the inspections and lets these systems and misc xbox labled stuff out for shipment needs to be fired… or is this the microsoft standard? DISGUSTING

  7. i think mines just died…won’t turn on or charge…will see what microsucks has to say…

  8. same problem wtf.. it just died right now just boom its gone like wtf?

  9. God damn looks like I’m not the only one. I bought my wireless headset 2 months ago from Futureshop. The other day I turned it on along with my 360 and suddenly it just shut off. It was fully charged. Now it won’t turn on or show any lights when connected. It simply stopped working. Piece of shit system. I’ve had nothing but problems with my 360 and it’s accessories. Time to get ps3.

  10. Same thing happend to me obrien. I set it up to charge, turned it on the next day and it died after 10 mins. Whats going on. Now It wont even charge. Email me if you know whats wrong.

  11. my headset has gone dead also, it wont charge or turn on.. i dont know whats wrong with it..

  12. My head set died not even 3 weeks after xmas, it wont turn on or start flashing when i charge it. it just died. microsoft should have all 360’s & accorsices re-called and fix them. it will take almost a year but it will help so ungodly much.

  13. On phone with xbox right now, my headset was limited edition halo headset they say they can replace it and I also complained about me paying shipping, so they took care of it. They also asked me if I would take it apart? are they making me try to void my warranty? Wow. they are dumb but also helpful.

  14. i just got my headset like a week ago and the other night it was working fine it was the first or second time using it the next day it won’t even turn on and i know it is still charged because i charged it for 6 hours and played for 3 with it

  15. i left mine on the charger 4 a day came back and it had a lil bar left then it died and never charged back up again…

  16. I just got thus for Xmas and it already broke. I got the limited edition halo 3 headset and the lil gold peice inside the charging whole seems to have broke….WTF!

    So I call MS and he’s telling me to send reciept along with headset and I’m like, you all are supposed to send ME the replacement first and a pre paid shipping label so I can return it. He kept saying some bullshit stuff I could understand do I hung up. Bout to call again and try again. Hopefully with an AMERICAN rep and speak to supervisor if they don’t pay got my shipping.

  17. mine was working fine all last night get up this morning nothing wont charge or come on

  18. mine was fine, charged it as normal, left it blinking away, come back to use it and it does not even turn on, as i bought it from ebay i had no warranty, i opened it up and had a little tamper with it, it now charges and stores power for half normal time, but thats why microsoft does not want you to open it because you can fix it yourself and save yourself money

  19. well, after 10 times of calling I got NO American help. I’m thinking i should call back and ASK to get transfered to a American rep. But after arguing and arguing, they still say I have to send it to them. But last time when I needed a replacement controller and battery(2 different times), they sent me the box and replacement first.

    Then they say I need a reciept, but it was a gift! I font gave it.

    Bullshit ass microsoft, I’m not buying another xbox ever, I’m done with microsoft and xbox and their cheap ass made yet overpriced products. I’m getting a wii and ps3

  20. Yea, I bought my headset, and a week later I came home from school and it stopped working completely. I called MS and (like the other guy) got some foreign person, like I ALWAYS do, I want an American for once, and they said get receipt and exchange the failed product blah blah, has anyone sent one of these in and got another back , and if so did it take like 500 weeks?

  21. well this is odd i returned it at the store i had went to another one. they said it was most likley a fluke and thast on one hand its microsoft, on the otehr hand its microsoft. my new one works good so far, its my network that is messed up now

  22. Deric, well from past experiences it was fairly quick unlike 360 cases. But they sent the replacement to me first, since for some reason they don’t to it now, could tale longer. I say 2 weeks

  23. same mine has died like this i was playin on r6 vegas turned it off coz it was runnin a bit low went toilet came back wont turn on oh its out of battery, AND IT WONT CHARGE

  24. this is redicilous

  25. dont know wtf you lot are moanin @ im on my 4th head set .just make sure u keep the reciept and keep takin the little fcuka back.When al said and done it will cost u £35 a year to use a wireless headshit.Thank fcuk i only live rond the corner from pc world.

  26. Im having problems connecting my wireless headset with my xbox. I can only use it if i turn off my xbox controller. When i turn bak on my controller my headset goes into the 2 quadrant and i cant talk or hear anything. can someone help me?!?!?

  27. sync it all over again with the 360 with only 1 controller turned on. Then push the button on the mic once repediately to switch quads

  28. Yeah I got mine TODAY! When I opened it up, it would not turn. I read throught the instruction booklet and figured to charge it. It has been charging for 10 hours and no lights have turned at all. I called MS “support” and they said to return it to the store, so I will try to return it tomorrow.

  29. interesting.

  30. omg, ive had my headset 7 days it was working perfectly tonight i come home from school and baim it wont turn on i try to charge but still get no lights its just shut off
    does anybody know how to fix this???? please please please tell me on here or just email me

  31. I went

  32. Hey guess what I did people, lol…. I called MS about my piece of crap wireless headset, and when they told me it only had a 90 day warranty, I asked him if there was any new models coming out soon that would have a new type of rechargeable battery built into it that would live longer than 90 days. The dumb ass actually checked on it for me! When he came back after leaving me on hold, he asked me to repeat the question. I said never mind I have a new question: “Will prices come down soon on all disposable wireless headsets?” The guy was like uh, uhh, what do you mean? I told him that any wireless headset that doesn’t work past 90 days has to be classified as disposable, right? I confused him with few more questions before I eventually left HIM on hold so I could go take a dump……

  33. PROBLEM WITH XBOX 360 WIRELESS HEADSET SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just go to the store, buy a new one, take it out of the package, put the broken one in the new package, and take it back to the store with the receipt, and get your money back! That’s it!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Microsoft!

  34. Lol yea, but that is illeagel, but MS deserves it, ive gone through my second, and iam going with the wired ones now.

  35. mine is doing the same thing – was low on charge plugged it in and now won’t turn on or charge. called the 800 number and after an hour on the phone finally got a reference number to send the thing back. Told me they do not cover shipping charges and it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get a replacement. – does anyone know of a better brand that could be used with the 360.

  36. times like this I wish I had a ps3. This could be so much easier if the 360 was Bluetooth like the ps3 so we can use our own mics

  37. Well, 2nd headset for me here too. Seems like a pretty well founded design problem with the wireless headset. Mines just dead, and the trained Monkey they had reading off a screen on Xbox support wasnt any better.

    Me: ” My wireless headset is dead”

    Support: ” What do you mean sir?”

    Me: ” It’s dead, as in it wont turn on, light up, charge, nothing”

    Support ” Is the problem that other players cannot hear you or you cannoth hear them?”

    Me: ” it wont switch on at all, it’s completely dead”

    Support: “can you please switch on the headset Sir”

    Me: ” no”

    Support: ” why not”

    Me: ” cos’ it’s dead”

    Support: “Can you connect tho your console via the headset and record a message please nad play that back”

    Me: ” Look, it’s dead, DEAD…. D..E..A..D..! It’s not working at all, no lights, no sound, no charging, nothing, it’s utterly dead”

    Support; ” But I need you to switch it on so I can confirm that”

    Me: ” ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!”

    It was at this point I hung up! Rang 30 mins later and got through to someone vaguely human who didnt have to use a sentance composed of 300 words when just one or two would have done and they agreed to replace my headset.

    I wouldn’t trust Support to sit the right way round on a toilet! They’re as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise…..

  38. well M$ has created one more money sucker because it looks like im gonna have to either get a new headset or dust off the PS3. congratz M$, you;ve lost yet another very loyal customer.

  39. Mine died after i took it off the charger it wolnt charge or turn on WTF it worked the night before and now i dont know what to do


  41. I can’t get my wireless head set to turn on any more can anybody tell me what to do.

  42. i have the same problem as every1 else here my halo 3 wireless head set broke suspiciosly a week after store warrenty ended so i called microsoft and they told me to call bungie that they couldnt do anything about it , so i called bungie and they told me that they couldnt do anything for me so im stuck 60 bucks gone seriously dont u think bungies wasted enough of my money on thier games, and i have an other problem with my wired mics i have about 6 of them (microsoft sent 4 of them) the 4 they sent broke in a couple weeks the 1 that came with the xbox lasted 3 months and i got the messanger kit about a week after xmas and the mic in the kit is making nioses like when you rub the mic execpt 20 times louder ive tried all 3 of my controllers they all dont work on all of my controllers so its the mics.

  43. I was dumb enough to buy one off ebay with no warrenty. I did not see all the problems people were having. Mine will not synch, just continues to blink the 4 lights. When I click the wireless button on the 360 an dthen press hold the wireless button on the headset, the lights on headset just roll for about 15 sec and then go back to the 4 lights blinking at once…Any suggestions?

  44. same thing happened to me…i got my headset about two months ago and it was working perfectly. but after around one month it would randomly start shutting off for no reason while i was playing cod4 and halo. then…two days ago i came home from school and tried to turn on my headset and it would not AT ALL turn on. nothing, no lights, no sound (0fcourse), NOTHING.
    i held the button for like 5mins and nothing it was just dead…and when i went to charge n lights would pop up! im really pissed about this but at least i have my regular headset to back me up…

  45. Well had my wireless since Christmas today was playing COD4 and it just shut off.Wont charge ,wont turn on WTF Anyone have any repair ideas holla!

  46. My headset has just died , no light not even charging this is my 3rd one , WTF is going on could someone email me please if you no the problem ……………….

  47. I can’t find out why my xbox360 wireless headset cant trun on???

  48. My Halo 3 wireless headset just stopped working after 3 days. I was on X-Box live and turned off the headset by pushing the power button for 5 seconds (which after reading the trouble shooting guide that resets the headset, it does not turns it off). After that it never turned on again. It would not charge or anything. It was completely bricked.

    Called Microsoft and they had me ship it back to them and they sent me a band new Halo 3 headset in a week and a half. I’m glad I got fast service but I didn’t even get to drain the battery once, so I used it less than 8 hours. I hope this new one last longer than that. I will definitely make it a point not to reset it again just to be on the safe side.

  49. i’m on my second headset so far, and same old problem. won’t charge, won’t turn on
    before i just went and bought a new mike, replaced it with the old one, and returned the old one in the box
    decent suggestion for some of you wanting to get back at microsoft for being such cheap bastards

  50. yea my wireless headset just shut off for no reason and now it wont even charge. It was fully charged and going fine when i was in the game but all the sudden it just stoped. I had it more than 90 days. What should i do?

  51. i`ve got a MS Wireless headset it works good but i turn it on while i`m playing and it`s not turn it on again and its still not working please help

  52. I bought my wireless headset from Walmart in august after going through at least 3 wired headsets. After using it for about a month, it stopped charging and died. At the time I wasn’t concerned about it and just dug up a working wired headset, but I just found my receipt and realized that for $60 it should work for a lot longer than a month. There’s no way Walmart will take it back now, but has anyone had any luck getting a free fix from Microsoft? (On a side note, when you call 1.800.4MY.XBOX it’s a call center in India and there is not much that can be done about it. As much as it pisses me off to hear some Indian with a heavy accent insist their name really is Bob, its cheaper for Microsoft to have us call India and we all have to endure Microsoft’s cheapness to enjoy the Xbox 360)

  53. anything you but from microsoft that is a xbox 360 accessory is going to break or just not work after the first month you have it

  54. Yea really Microsoft Sux, i have had the same problem with the Wireless headset and the console, had to send that away twice and wat they gave my in return a month free xbox live, wat a joke

  55. yer my one died the other day, and its past the freakin 90 days. wat a shitty company microsoft is. i could shit out a more functional wireless headset, stick that on my ear, the same thing would happen….nothing…and id have shit on my ear!!! either way id have shit on my ear.
    im jus gonna go with a wireless one i think ppl. doesnt look like the fcukers at microsoft are out there to help the ppl, more to jus plain rip them of….well congrats microsoft, when a new line of consoles come out, SONY all the way.
    good luck with your headsets everyone, hope you can get em working 😉

  56. i mean ill go with a wired one, sorry

  57. bought a halo edition. sucks as well. past the 90 days and was screwed. you think theyd extend the warranty after having soooo many problems. just like they did with the 3 red light issue. which by the way ill be sending my xbox out tomorrow for the secound time thanks to the red lights. so much for the repair. hello ps3 ps4 ps5 and ps6. good bye xbox360 xbox540 xbox900 and xbox1080. did i make that clear enough?

  58. what kind of bs is this!!! i had wired headset for 3 months playing halo 3….and liike many other halo 3 players i was on my way into getting recon armor…..i made 5 forge maps perfectly and bugie sent me a email saying i could have it but first they need to interview me (on the xbox 360) i said ok they sheduled a meeting for the next day…after shcool that vey next day my headset stoped working and woulld not charge…..bungie calmly sent me a email saying that i could not have recon due to the fact that i am not a devoted video gamer
    ………WTF!?! MICROSOFT YOU PEACE OF CRAP RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I purchased a wireless headset feb03 and now it is dead 2 months later. I have been told that these units come with no warranty and that users are happy! My Ar*e! I certainly will be moving away from Microsoft. Apple and Sony here I come….

  61. I bought a headset yesterday (halo3 edition) to play GTAIV with my brother. I cant get it to work. It keeps synching to the second controller slot.


  62. Nikudada: Did you push the sync button until it cycled back around to the first light?

  63. WOW FUCKI.N MICROSOFT WANNA KNOW WHATS WORSE THAN INDIANS? A COMPUTER VOICE WHO DOESNT KNOW SHIT!!! I just called microsoft and i get that bull shit, bad enough to get an indian that doesn’t know shit, so this is my 2nd headset walmart won’t take it back I bet and i can’t get to a human truth be known a fuckin american.

  64. apple need to make a system.. they know what people want and there support is AMAZING my keyboard i broke it by spilling something in it, they took and it and repaired it i got it back in 2 days.. 2 DAYS for free thats amazing, no indians either, all people from california.

  65. Well well well…. Nice to see customer service had nothing to say when I called like they never had that problem before when there is a list of people with the same crap. Mine just died after like 3 months or so of having it wont charge nothing no lights. My advice to anyone considering an xbox at this point is dont bother go for something else. I talked 5 friends into getting it and we have 3 in the house but as soon as something happens to this thing or its out of date I am staying away from xbox and microsoft crap for life or until there about more then money and making people buy stuff over and over again to make as much money as there grubby hands can get. Have fun gamers and f xbox and there support for faulty crap. You should be aloud to sell product on the market that has so many problems i’m sure theres laws somewere someone should sue they tell the rest of us how to go about it. Its just 60 bucks but 1,000,000 60 bucks will add up to those bastards then maybe some of the people with fried xbox’s can follow lead.

  66. reading through these and seeing how everyones dies just after the 3 month point lol I would have to say these things probably have a timer in them to stop working or something from the xbox sends something through to fry them I’m sure thats easy enough for them to accoplish. I’m going to take mine apart lol its fucked anyways might as well have some fun with it.

  67. Yeah I agree with an above comment as well guys it sucks but blow the 60 bucks get a new one then put the old one in the package and return it with the reciept from the new one and say its broke. Atleast then you’ll have 2 that work. Thats what I’m going to do sucks if you dont have the money to blow but see if a friend wants to buy one off of ya for 50 bucks or something.

  68. WTF, ive had my headset for like 3 days and already its stopped working. No charge at all and wont even turn on.

    Not only that but my XBOX keeps freezing when I stand it upright. Not so bad when layed down though but still.

    Micro$oft need to sort this out if they want to top the console market because its not doing them any favours!

  69. almost 60 of us just so far this year, That is quite a bit when u think of how many didn’t stumble upon this page!!! and then all those that didnt even run a search!!!

    Mine is the same F’n story! died after warranty expired! Near as i can tell there r no fixes. Microsoft should extend the warranties to 1 year, istead of only 90 days; since there are so many customers having the same issue.

    As of now though, if your warranty has already passed, U only have 2 options.
    1. take it apart and tinker with it, and pray U get lucky. But will probably screw your chances at 2nd option.

    2. Do like a couple others suggested. Buy a new 1 swap em out, take it back.
    I reccomend tryin this 1 first. If they won’t take it back then u go ahead and use your new receipt for new warranty on the broken 1 and send it in.

    Microsoft has no problem screwing their customers; so why should any of their customers have any problem screwing Microsoft?!

  70. I was an Xbox 360 supporter for the console war, but lately i’ve been realizing the only things the xbox has goin 4 it r the games and online play community. But with ALL the peice of crap hardware, Support (or a lack there of), Its just not enough to keep hanging around.

    All PS3 has to do to win the war is make their online play community similar, and a reward system like the Acheivements, and the scales would tip so fast it would send Microsoft flying right out of the picture!!!
    Better games would follow the customers.

    and the now proven obsolete format of the DVD (Y Microsoft never followed the Blu Ray way, I will never understand. especially with being a major player n the computer industry, i mean come on Blu-ray holds 25GB per layer (50GB on a dual-layer), whereas HD-DVD can only hold 15GB per layer (30GB on a dual-layer) & only 4.7GB on regular DVD. It just makes no since.

    I know i got off topic here and this should’ve went in a different forum, but after reading all those other cases like mine, I just started to rant and now that I’ve already typed all this, might as well let U read it. If U agree or disagree let me know

  71. I tested the wire that charges the headset and that is working fine has power and what not so its def a problem in the actual headset if anyone was wondering. I went and bought a new one though and put the old one in the package and returned it like I was telling you guys to do worked fine if you have the 60 bucks to blow now I have 2 that work no prob atleast for now lol. If one of these ones breaks though i’m going to disect it and see if I cant find the problem inside. Post if anyone has had luck finding the issue if they took it apart…

  72. Just took mine apart, noticed a pretty big problem (in my opinion anyways) as soon as I opened it up. The battery pack inside specifically states

    Yet it is attached to an item that has to be recharged!!!
    Anybody else have a problem with this concept? It seems to me that it is a deliberate action on Microsofts part for the headsets to burn out and in turn the custumer would go out and buy another, much like the previous writer John.
    Theres got to be a law against this, i mean hell if nothing else they are intentially sell a fire hazard.

    In light of this new revelation I will be contacting a few lawers tomorrow to see if theres a case for a class action law suit. I will make another post with their answer.

  73. Maybe we can get them to make new 1 that has a real rechargable battery pack. inside and replace our current models free.

  74. I bought my mic a week ago now it won’t charge:/………I’ve been hearing everyone is having the same problems for syncing and dieing mics.But maybe this might be ths problem for not sycning or atlewast steps for syncing it:Step 1. Make sure it have 5-10 minutes worth of usage. Step 2.Turn the mic on. Step 3. Click the sync button on the xbox and mic at the sime time and hold them til their synced.And just to be sure it gets synced to the riht controller disconect or other controllers or turn off. Happy gaming and if anyone solves the dead mic thing I’m sure the solution will be spreaded and hopefuly smeoe will sue MS for their cheap ass products and fuck that customer spport india place 🙂 screw you MS!!!SCREW YOUR PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. i bought my wireless headset like in late april early may and then on june 8 i was playing and all of a sudden the headset turned off nd now it wont even turn on and when i hook it up to the charger the lights wont even flash.

  76. my head set got seperated from the head piece (mic and hearing phone) and the headset is it possiblew to snap it back on

  77. i hav th same problem as chris and its bs

  78. Did you ever go talk to a lawyer? I took mine apart today after being told to “go to the store and buy a new battery for it” by the stupid Indian customer service rep!!! SUCH A BATTERY DOES NOT EXIST!!! The first thing I noticed was that the circuit board and all connections were perfectly intact with no sign of a short or anything like that, but the battery did in fact have a sticker on it stating “””MS P/N:X80859-002 WARNING … FIRE, EXPLOSION, AND SEVERE BURN HAZARD. DO NOT RECHARGE, CRUSH, DISASSEMBLE, HEAT ABOVE (100 C / 212 F) OR INCINERARE (++).””” Wow, I might not have had the thing RECHARGHING CONSTANTLY or ATTACHED TO MY FREAKING EAR (explosion and severe burn hazard if recharged) if that was printed on the front of the box instead of on the inside of the headset you arent supposed to take apart!!!

  79. yeah there is this wonderful thing in our country called strict liability… it means that if your product are inherantly dangerous then you are responsible for it regardless of your well intentions.

  80. u sresus microsoft is such a rip its like the time i went to champs and in the corner behind a door it said
    “our foods may have chemicals that are known to cause death or skin canser plz eat at own risk

  81. Once again guys if your stuff has broke I did it and have an extra head set sitting on my desk in the package still. Go out buy a new one put the broken one in the package and return it and get another one. You’ll either have 2 new ones at this point or find a friend to buy one off of you for close to what you payed. Its the only way your going to some what screw back microsoft though it prob cost them 3 bucks to make. Lol I want one of my new ones to fry so I can take it apart and check the battery now thats very interesting I am curious to ask a lawyer about that. Just goes to show microsoft are a bunch of cheap f@#$##s that only care about screwing over there customers with there cheap crap that wont last. But either way go buy a new one return the broken one and get another new one with the reciept from your new one and the broken one returned in its package. Works good… Let me know if anyone does this cause its the only way to WIN…

  82. my wirless headset worked for a while then when i turned it off i tried to turn it back on it wouldnt work and i dont get any ight when i try to charge it

  83. why is there a non-rechargeable battery in this RECHARGEABLE head set???

  84. Will someone please ask a lawyer about the “non-rechargable battery that would be a firehazard if recharged in a rechargable headset”. People keep saying it and either not doing so or not posting it so we can know if anything can be done. please and thankyou.

  85. yea i just bought my headset about a week ago and now it wont charge if you guys know how to fix it at all email me at

  86. Hey my Xbox 360 wireless mic has been working for about a year now and a few days ago it just dosent seem to turn on or charge can anyone help me???!!!

  87. I had my wireless head set for a year now and all of a sudden it doesn’t want to turn on or charge if any1 knows how to fix this please email me

  88. well i love my wireless headset
    it was working fine
    but then all the sudden it turns off and wont turn back on
    it was charged over half way and when i plug it up to charge the lights that usually blink arnt blinkin what should i do?
    i also bought it from ebay i have had it since feb. and i dont have any warrany i dont think

  89. MY headset wont turn on. IM not suprised B.c Microsoft suxs. A $60 freakin headset WONT TURN ON! its dead. UNBELIEVABLE

  90. i bought my wireless headset and used it for 1 hour, then it made a disconnecting sound, and now wont power on or charge, no lights even illuminate. get back to me please

  91. I was using my head set and it ran out of batteries. I try to charge it, nothing happens, I try to turn it on, nothing happens. I already bought one it didnt work. now this one works for to months and now its dead. my parents were angry about the first one and said if I break another game (even though i didnt breack it) I can ever get another one> and now quess what it broke. im relly mad with microsoft

  92. plz reply i need help

  93. Halo 3 lover: We don’t work at or for Microsoft so all I can tell you is to call 1-800-4-my-xbox. They’ll have you send it in for a replacement assuming it’s still under warranty. You may need your parents when you call to give you warning. There have been plenty of outcries here that I’ll make sure to let the guys/gals at the Xbox Team know even though they most likely can’t do anything about this issue directly either.

  94. Hi i purchased my xbox 360 wireless headset 2 days ago and i turned it off for a sec and tried turning it back on and it wouldnt so then i plugged it up to charge and it didnt even charge.. i was ganna return it but i wantd to know if i could get some help first. please e-mail me

  95. Oh yeah my e-mail is

  96. Hi i purchased my xbox 360 wireless headset 2 weeks ago. I turned it off at night, i woke up and was going to play some h3 but the mic wouldn’t turn on.. tried to turn it on and it wouldnt so then i plugged it up to charge and it didnt even charge..

  97. My son got a halo 3 wireless mic. Now it no longer charges up. I was told by there support who is not from america to go try a electric charger. Explained to the support person the mic didnt come with electronic charger just the usb charger. Said they could not help me due to being over warranty period. Funny how you can buy bluetooth or wireless mic from some other brand like motorola or logitech and there mics last longer. We have bought multiple xboxs and games I guess Microsoft doesnt believe in customer support. At $59.99 you would think the wireless mic would last at least a year. Hey here is an idea Microsoft. Sell the wireless mic for price of wired mic. The wired one lasts longer. I told the support person that I will never buy another wireless mic due to fact cannot change the battery in the item. I guess microsoft never heard of battery that is rechargeable that will never go bad. Microsoft is a large corporate giant who has to remember where they came from, how long before they learn. I think good customer service would of been to send it in have it looked at to see what the issue is. DO NOT BUY A WIRELESS MIC IT WILL GO BAD DUE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO BE RECHARGED AND YOUR $60 MIC WILL BE A PC OF JUNK IN A LANDFILL

  98. hey ive had my mic for about 2 months and its been working fine. i turned on my xbox today and tried turning on my mic several times and nothing happened, then tried charging it and no lights were flashing up and it had full battery and everything last night so idk why its not working…

    email me at
    or add me on myspace and help me out:


  99. i got a wireless head set on thursday last week now its friday the next week i turned it off and it wont turn on and it wont charge?????

    any ideas on wat to or how to fix it

  100. well i called m$ and got a replacement and i opened up my defective one and the battery says do not recharge!! so maybe thats why is dies! why put a non rechargable battery in a rechargeable headset??

  101. yea i had my mic for over a year now and today i plug it in to charge when it was full charged and i go to sleep for 4 hours and wake up to find its not turning on and the lights will not flash at all. i need some help cuz i cant afford another mic

  102. I’m sick of this bs, this is my 3rd headset and I can’t really afford 2 keep forking out on headsets as im only 15 ive had 2 wired ones and on both of them the mics broke then I get one on ebay thinking that the wireless ones are better, only had it 5 days and was using it last night then I go to turn it on this morning and it doesn’t work at all and try charging it up and what a surprise nothing like everyone else who has been ripped off by microsoft
    if anyone does find a solution please send me an email at

  103. i only just bought my headset about a week ago i heard all the stories about how they break if you over charge so i charged the headset for how long it said in the manual but just two hours ago i tried turning it on and it wouldnt work so i thought this was just a minor fault but then i tried charging itand nothing tell u something microsoft needs to put there act together the

  104. byt the way tht my email address lol


  106. this is waste of money to buy a 60 dollar fucking wireless headset that does not even work. i bought my last month now it wont even turned on
    this is fucked up i want money back

  107. I have the same problem with my headset it wont turn on at all some body email me on how to fix it


  109. there is no fix to this problem. Once again just go buy a new one then take the receipt and the box the new one came in and put the broken one back into the new ones box and return it for a new one. You still have to spend 60 bux but atleast now you’ll have 2 new ones that work and you can try to sell one to a friend or just have a back up. There is no over charging or under charging them I dont even think its the battery that is the problem I think there is a wire/circuit that burns out.

  110. I was in a middle of a conversation with a friend playing co op on halo 3 and my mic turned off and when i tired to turn it back on, it wouldnt and it wont even charge.

  111. yea i was just using my head set turned it off to take a shower came back to play it wont turn on or charge!???!! i was just using it like 15 minuets ago without a problem

    is there any way to like reset it or something?

  112. i bought my wireless headset about a week ago and now it will not turn on or even charge. i used it the night before without a problem but this morning it will not work

  113. Alright I have opened up my fried mike as well. And sure enough there is a sticker on the battery that clearly states DO NOT RECHARGE.

    Pictures here:

    The second one is more clear.

    I smell conspiracy.

  114. same thing has happened to me as the rest of you guys, i got my mic about 2 months ago and about 30 minutes ago i went for my lunch with my mic workign fine, put it on charge come back turn it on but it doesnt turn on? wtf is up with that ms need to get it sroted out, never buying another microsoft product thats not for computers again, ive had constaint problems with my xbox and accesories.

  115. Wireless headset won’t turn on please help.

  116. hi i buyd a wirless headset for 2 days its was working fine then its doesint want to start then its doesint freakin recharge im dyeing without chatting anyone please help me email me thru this

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