“Pimp My Ride” coming to Xbox 360?? huh???

I was checking out the xbox 360 page over @ Gamestop.com and

Lookie Lookie

“Pimp my ride” the game is coming to xbox 360 on 11/14/06.

If you don’t know what “Pimp My Ride” is it’s a T.V show on MTV which the host “Xzibit” goes to people’s houses, picks up their junky cars and takes it to Westcoast Customs who performs a miracle job on the hunk of junk. Strobe lights, video games, water fountains and more are placed inside the cars hence “Pimping the ride”.

So what will this game be about??? HMMMMMMM

Maybe about Car Modding??… or cause rampages throughout Los Angeles as Xzibit pumped up on sterioids…who knows!

The game is being Published and Developed by Activision.

Ay yi yi

9 Responses

  1. what will they think of next lol and hey i watched an episode of this the other day and it’s not West Coast Customs anymore…what’s up with that?

  2. For real?? Damn… Eh I haven’t watched that show since last year anyway.

  3. Yeah, what will they think of next. I assume it will be similiar to the customization of Need For Speed, with a twist of course 🙂

  4. this will be pretty cool maybe. I watch that show all the time it is pretty cool. Xzibit is a good rapper too. I wonder what they will do with the game?

  5. you’re an idiot if you think that this has any potential. this is going to be the shittiest game for any console since pokemon.

  6. goddamn that will take a long time to get out on the market.. If it’s releasing the 11/14/06 then that will never happen.. because there is only 12 months a year..

  7. seriously the games gonna b oright but ull get tired of it. it’s like need for speed u beat once and u throw it

  8. y can’t da cunts bring it to xbox also and not xbox360 and ps3 it fuckin anoys da shit outa me


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