That’s Right! UNO!!! BIATCH!(Update 1)

UNO is a fun game online right? Playing with other Xbox Live members is pretty cool. Especially now with the addition of seeing the actual player through the “XBL Vision” camera. But how can I say this….some gamers lose their cool. Just the other day when I played some UNO I Draw 2’d this one guy and was called a “Fruit F*cking Bastard”…Yeah that’s pretty harsh. Other names I have heard called to people is “Momma Licker”, “Goat Sh*t”, “Queer Chaser” and “Dog Humper”. Is this the Family game we once played? Has UNO become as bad as a HALO 2 lobby filled with 11 year old kids?

Am I concerned?


I find it funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

I leave you with this comic from the guys from Rooster Teeth

(Update 1-I censored the post a bit)

14 Responses

  1. MS should address this issue before it becomes an epidemic.

  2. LoL kids say the darndest things. Better watch what you say kids we know what you look like now.

  3. @Hasan: “MS should address this issue before it becomes an epidemic. ”

    There really isn’t anything MS can do besides tuning their Gamerzone system. Alas, if they make it so that you only play with members of your Gamerzone (ie. if you pick Family, you’ll only play with other people in the Family zone) it’ll be incredibly hard to fill games quickly.

    The best thing to do MS can do really is to warn parents that their children could be privy to this sort of thing. Oh, and what do you know, the instruction manual does just that.

  4. Getting called some of these things by pre-teens is not my idea of fun. I usually leave the headset muted when playing certain games just for this reason, if I am not on a private chat channel already. I will get the camera but I doubt I use it for the live chat with anyone other than close friends. I have no want for everyone I play to see my ugly mug.

  5. I am a strong beliver in liberal use of the feedback system. It would be nice if the one for live was as specific as it was for Halo 2.

  6. I wrote about this very thing on my blog a few months ago. Here’s the link .

  7. This is why I never complained about the Nintendo DS’s online play.

  8. Dear Xbox guy,

    Your site rocks. I think it’s almost better than win lose or draw.



  9. I agree, some sort of feedback system would be beneficial for us gamers.

    btw, nice blog thewilleffect 😉

  10. Thanks alot HeavyJ251.

  11. Again in a brave new blog world… I don’t have a blog on this server, but we had to sign up for a course blog (if only I could remember the address).

    I’ve never heard of online UNO, humh. Should check it out one day.


  12. You need an xbox 360 to play it hannasiren. 🙂

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